Finding serial numbers

How to find the serial number of your devices

Finding serial numbers

About serial numbers

Each Miniserver and extension is marked with a unique serial number. This is needed to set up your Loxone system. You can find the serial numbers in several ways:

1) On the sticker on the back of the device

The serial number of all Loxone equipment is detailed on a sticker on the back of the unit. The serial number is printed below the barcode.

Info: The serial number of the Miniserver is also the MAC address of the Miniserver.

Information about your Loxone Miniserver

2) In the admin interface of the Miniserver

Open the admin interface of your Miniserver (http://MiniserverIP/admin). The serial number of the Miniserver is found in the top right hand corner. If you click on "Device Overview" it will show the details of all connected devices including the Miniserver.

3) In the properties of the device in your network settings

View the network computers and devices in Windows Network and Internet. Right click on the Miniserver to view properties. The serial number will be detailed in the Troubleshooting section.

Info: This is only the serial number of your Miniserver. The serial numbers of the connected extensions are not visible using this method.

4) In your Loxone Config file

After connecting to the Miniserver and adding in extensions the config file will detail the serial numbers automatically. Open the file and click in the peripheral tree on your Miniserver or extensions. The serial number of the device is in the properties box.