10 reasons for automation in buildings with Loxone

09/30/2020 in Know How
Automation in buildings allows for maximum efficiency without complicated controls (and extra effort!) in areas of lighting, HVAC, energy monitoring, security and much more. In other words, these functions happen as they should on their own. At the same time, the building is able to optimize its environment, integrating systems in an efficient, safe and sustainable way. This functionality becomes simplified and seamless with Loxone.
Below, we’re breaking down 10 reasons to choose Loxone for your building automation system:

1. Minimize manual control by using simple software

Gone are the days when it is always necessary to manually control lighting, room temperature and more. For example, throughout the day, we’re used to making extra effort just to be aware of turning off the lights or the air conditioning to save on energy costs. With Loxone, this can all be easily configured to happen automatically by using simplified tools in Loxone Config.

The brain behind every installation, the Miniserver, knows exactly how all other hardware should operate and informs you when actions are needed for maintenance, changes of filters, etc. So paired with intuitive software tools, it’s easier than ever to create a complete system that works together and meets a wide range of needs for automation in buildings.

Example: HVAC and motorized blinds work together to save on heating & cooling
Using motorized blinds, sunlight contributes to the warmth in the room, so the HVAC will know when to activate or deactivate with help from automated blinds as a first effort to heat or cool the room. This intelligent interaction only takes a couple of clicks and drags with intuitive Function Blocks in Loxone Config.

2. Flexible and scalable for any sized project

No matter the size of your building automation project, the Miniserver is your building block for endless possibilities and flexibility. Expansion of any system is possible with a wide range of Extensions. Especially when it comes to larger buildings, where partial zone control and total control may be required, the Miniservers can be used in a Gateway-Client grouping. An example of this can be an apartment complex or even a stadium.

Diagram for Miniservers in commercial building
Doctor office entry room with LED Strip lighting

3. Advanced, customizable lighting control

Let’s start with lighting moods for any occasion. In any building, it’s possible to combine different light fixtures, high- or low-voltage, with varying colors and intensities. With completely flexible control of individual or grouped lights, adapting to the needs of each project brings even more possibilities to hotels, restaurants, pubs, offices, stores and more. 

An intelligently lit space provides benefits beyond the aesthetic level. Specifically when it comes to wellness and productivity, tunable white lighting effect can support circadian rhythm and improve wellness in the home, office and other environments.

Read about a doctor’s office transformation with Loxone lighting control.

The most unique need presented by my client on this project was a lighting system that is customizable, controlled remotely from his phone and could be zoned off by room while still having the ability to set scenes for the entire building. Highlighting a replica Thor hammer with special lighting effects was a centerpiece to this project. This level of customization is what my client was most excited about.

Jameel Gibbs

Loxone Partner, Smart Home Solutions

By using the intelligent technology of Loxone, we have created an additional support for residents and caregivers. The technology performs many tasks in the background and supports our residents. We can give the residents even more security. This is especially important in times when there is no caregiver on site. In an emergency, the caregivers are automatically notified.

Brigitte Sowboda

Loxone user, LifeHelp

4. All-around building protection

Beyond events such as burglary, the system can react to potential dangers such as water leaks or frost. If a danger is detected, the system can be programmed to send a mobile alert, and when needed, turn off the water supply, sound an alarm and more. This all-around protection is covered by a wide range of sensors.

Additionally, sensors play a key role in other areas in the case of filter changes, elevators, ventilation systems, air conditioning or heating, renewable energy systems and more.

If there is ever a malfunction in a single component, many times the person responsible for the maintenance realizes it only once the failure has already happened. The result is often costly damage – completely avoided with Loxone!

Individual rooms labeled with varying temperature levels.

5. Individual room control for temperature and more

With Loxone control of each zone, you can expect the right temperature in any room at any time of the day. Combined with intelligent HVAC and motorized blinds, you get even greater energy efficiency. This brings unmatched comfort and savings. 

Presence of people in the room, external climate conditions and the target indoor temperature according to the time of day are all factors in how the heating & cooling system regulates itself.

6. Keep your data private

In today’s connected world, data security is an essential issue taken seriously by Loxone – exactly why our system is Cloud-free. Any system programming, schedules, presence, modes, users, etc. is stored safely, locally on the Miniserver in each installation. Unlike many other “smart” systems out there, your data is not bought or stored in any way within the Cloud, nor disclosed and released to the outside. Our philosophy: your building, your data.

In addition, the system is fully functional without needing internet connection! (Excluding additional online services).

7. Simplify energy management and save

It’s not just about saving on energy costs, which is a significant bonus, but also about making the most of energy production. All components work together as efficiently as possible. When it comes to sensors, lighting, HVAC and more, you have a complete system by your side that knows how to operate on its own while using as little energy as possible.

Even more, energy can be monitored to be more sustainable. This means energy from solar panels or other renewable energy systems can be used for self-consumption; either for air conditioning, heating water or charging an electric car. From the Loxone App you can see the current energy consumption, as well as the production that is being generated or the amount that we need to take from the grid.

8. Intelligent, personalized access control

The Loxone solution offers a wide range of options for access control in homes and commercial buildings, especially remotely.

As building control is becoming a standard, the combination of access control, presence detection in the different rooms and monitoring of air quality gives us the information needed to improve the well-being of the building’s occupants.

Using specific functions and modes, along with NFC Code Touch and Intercom among others, security takes a personalized approach. Unique codes and individual access rights can be easily defined right in the app. There are a variety of access options with different permissions. For example, the cleaning service can only enter at a specific time of day or when specified.

9. Remote control in the Loxone App

Whenever a change is needed on demand, the Loxone App is available to instantly control all essential functions. Even while you’re on-the-go. With ongoing updates and new features, the flexibility of the app makes it just as suitable in commercial properties, such as hotels, as it is in smart homes. Easily define users, manage access rights, set lighting moods, change the music source and much more.

While I was on vacation, I got a warning on my cell phone. The freezer stopped cooling. I immediately called a technician and was able to give him remote access to the building to repair it that day. If I hadn’t been notified this way, all of the stored food would have been spoiled and wasted – a huge loss for us.

Johannes Doneus

Hotel and Restaurant Owner, Gasthof Post

10. Multiroom audio functions beyond music

Recently released, the new Audioserver delivers a unique sound experience all-around with unlimited expandability, flexibility and free scalability. This makes the Audioserver an ideal solution for projects of all types and sizes. 

The Audioserver can be integrated almost invisibly into any building, simply DIN rail-mounted, with built-in smart functionality. Beyond music, it can function as an alarm in a restaurant, an intelligent doorbell in the house and even for individual announcements in an office and much more.

Plus, expansion is easy with the Stereo Extension. You can group any number of amplification channels and speakers, creating synchronized sound environments in every corner of the building.

Among these reasons for automation, the Loxone system is compatible with numerous communication protocols (Modbus, Dali, DMX) and devices on the market, making the system completely flexible.

All functions are configured with simplified tools in Loxone Config and easily controlled by the building owner in the Loxone App – both free of charge! Loxone gives you a simply configured, customizable, all-around building solution. You’ve made it this far in learning about Loxone, so why not get started with us?!

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