How Much Does A Smart Home Cost?

John Wechsler
10/26/2017 in Know How

If you’ve recently begun your journey to smart home enlightenment, one of the first questions on your list is likely to be “this sounds great but how much does a smart home cost?” With so many options now available, deciding on which solution offers the best value for money can be tricky. And with a plethora of options available on the market that fall under the category of “smart home,” it’s tough to nail down an exact answer. Therefore, to get an accurate, smart home price, we will show you how much it would cost with our own smart home automation system.

Smart Home Cost In Relation To Property Value

One way of estimating smart home costs is to look at the price of a smart home in relation to the property’s value.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay somewhere between 1% and 6% of your property’s value on a smart home system installation. Of course, there’s not really an upper limit of how much you can spend, and if your home is especially large, or you’re looking for bespoke features, your costs may be higher.


1% of the property value will give you an automated living area which would include automated lighting, security, damage protection, and climate control.


4% of the property value will give you automated lighting, heating and security, plus access control, and a smart intercom.


At this level, you’ll likely be able to enjoy all of the features mentioned previously plus more advanced features like multiroom audio and blind control.

How much can I expect to pay for a Loxone Smart Home system?

The final cost of your smart home system will depend on several factors, which may include:

  1. The size and location of your home
  2. The features and specification you are looking for
  3. Hardware options – whether you choose Loxone switches or other switches, for example
  4. Planning, design and consultancy costs
  5. Labour and installation costs

The figures above are based on a Loxone Smart Home installation.

An Investment In Your Home

Installing a smart home system is an investment in your home, just like a new kitchen or bathroom would be. You’ve carefully considered your options and chosen something that suits your personal tastes and lifestyle.

A smart home installation will generally cost around the same as a kitchen.
For this example, we’ll take the ‘average’ property price in the U.S. of $350,000.


If we take 2% of our average house price, we get a cost of $7,000. So we’re a bit under $10,000 for a budget kitchen.


If we take 4% of our average house price, we get a cost of $14,000. So we’re around the $15,000 mark for a mid-range kitchen.


If we take 6% of our average house price, we get a cost of $21,000. So we’re just below the $25,000 mark for a high-end kitchen.

Smart Home Kitchen
Smart Home Kitchen

*Note that just like a kitchen project, a smart home project can be as high-end and luxurious as you would like. The above prices are average examples. 

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