Smart home
alarm system

When your smart home or business is equipped with Loxone, you do not need an additional (and expensive) smart alarm system. Existing components such as Motion Sensors or Door & Window Contacts that play a role in lighting, shading and more can also function for security. 100% all-around protection.  

What can a Loxone Smart Home protect you from?

Burglars. Water leaks. Excessive heat. Privacy. Protection from more than you expected? That’s how a smart alarm system by Loxone can protect you and your home as an all-around solution. As soon as a danger is detected, you will be immediately informed by the app or Caller Service. Then, the home takes care of the rest.

Which products are needed?

The answer is easy and cost-effective: most components and functionality are already available as part of a complete Loxone Smart Home solution. Think sensors, lighting, shading… all can be complemented by just an additonal Loxone Alarm Siren and Caller Service.

Komponenten Smart Home Alarmanlage
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Are video cameras used?

With our Intercom, you can see any visitors whether you’re at home or away. If you need additional surveillance cameras, t’s always an option to integrate various surveillance systems from other manufacturers.

What about my privacy?

Your data stays where it belongs, stored in your Miniserver. This distinguishes Loxone from Cloud-based solutions. Sensitive data, including Intercom images, burglar alarm status and more remain within your own walls.

Am I safe from cyber attacks?

Without needing the Cloud or internet, essential functions are available offline. So there is no danger of cyber criminals accessing your home through a central point of attack.

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Inspiration for you smart home

Whether you’re planning a new build or renovation, or maybe you’re just curious – you can find plenty of inspiration in our Welcome Home magazine. It’s full of tips and ideas. Plus, it’s free to download.