Efficient and Comprehensive Energy Management System

Buildings are responsible for 44% of energy consumption worldwide. With a building energy management system, this energy consumption could be reduced by half.

The focus of effective energy management solutions on recording and visualizing all energy producers and consumers within a structure. In order for all energy flows to be visualized and optimized, a building needs a central control: the Loxone Miniserver. This connects all energy components of a building and ensures that they work as efficiently as possible – both individually and together.

Step-by-Step Guide to Energy Management System with Loxone

1. Recording and visualising all energy flows:

The first step of an efficient energy management system is knowing where the energy goes within the building, how much it consumes and how much it produces. The Loxone energy flow monitor plays a central role here. All data can be displayed in real time in the Loxone App.

2. Reducing basic power consumption:

Loxone can be used to find ways to reduce the base energy load, for example by automatically switching off unnecessary energy consumers. Common energy wasters include air conditioning or ventilation systems that run at high levels even when no one is in the building.

3. Shifting energy consumption:

With Loxone’s unique software, energy consumption can be shifted to times when energy is cheaper or even free – especially when solar energy is available.

Why Is an Integrated Building Energy Management System Important?

An Integrated Building Energy Management System (BEMS) optimizes energy usage across all building systems, leading to significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact. By intelligently managing lighting, heating, cooling, and other energy-consuming functions, a BEMS enhances operational efficiency, ensures occupant comfort, and supports sustainability goals.

How does an Energy Management System Optimize Solar Power?

An Energy Management System optimizes the efficiency of Solar Power generation and utilization by intelligently controlling what energy consumers are feeding from a structure’s PV system and when. For example, if there is excess energy generate by the system at a specific time, energy consumers can be automatically activated to increase their consumption during that time, thus use solar power more efficiently.

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate: Optimized HVAC by Loxone

Did you know that over 70% of home and building energy consumption comes from space heating? In order to achieve real energy efficiency, it is also necessary to integrate heating, cooling and ventilation into intelligent home and building automation.

energy management system

Buffer Tank, Water Heating Element and Boiler

Integrating your buffer tank, water heating element and boiler into your building energy management system optimizes energy consumption and maximize the use of renewable energy.

business energy management system

Heat Pump


A heat pump integrated into a Loxone energy management system operates efficiently by considering factors like outdoor and room temperatures. Loxone’s forecast-based controls use weather data to ensure efficiency while minimizing costs,

Air Conditioning

 Integrating AC systems into a building energy management system allows prediction-based controls to activate the unit based on weather forecasts and user behavior while presence-based operation maximizes comfort, efficiency, and cost savings simultaneously.


Loxone optimizes ventilation based on room temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, ensuring optimal air quality while minimizing energy loss. Presence detection enables demand-oriented control for even greater energy efficiency.

Find out more about zoned HVAC control in intelligent buildings and the associated products.

Energy Management Systems for Intelligent Lighting and Audio

An energy management system oversees all smart components in a building, including lighting and multiroom audio. Loxone Presence Sensors detect presence and movement to automate these functions, ensuring lights and music operate only when rooms are occupied. This optimizes energy usage and prevents wasted power in empty spaces, whether in offices or homes.

Find out more about optimizing the energy performance of intelligent lighting and multiroom audio with the Loxone BeMS.

Opportunities Beyond the Obvious:
Renewable Energy Certificates

RECs assign ownership and track renewable electricity generation, allowing individuals and organizations to support renewable energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

One U.S. Loxone Partner uses large biomass boilers to generate energy and sell RECs, leveraging Loxone’s seamless Modbus connection and comprehensive statistical capabilities.

Find out more about harnessing the power of renewable energy certificates and how to get the most out of your business’s energy management.

Products for an Efficient Building Energy Management System

Software for an Efficient Building Energy Management System

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