Smart home design
for designers & architects

The first step to elevating your customers’ lifestyles with modern home design is to make sure a Loxone
automation solution is a part of your early planning. This will help your customers save 50,000 tasks per year
and enjoy more time living in their homes.

Design that doesn’t compromise functionality

With Loxone, you get a complete solution created and tested under the highest standards. Design remains at the essentials for highest functionality to declutter walls and simplify living. Each component interacts flawlessly, starting with the Miniserver, without needing any connection to wi-fi or the Cloud. Functionality for smart lighting, shading, room climate, security and more is reliably taken care of automatically.

Functional LED lighting
meets interior design

As part of our complete, turnkey solution, our low-voltage LED lighting solution – including pendant lighting, ceiling lights, outdoor lights and other light fixtures – is savvy yet simple, sleek yet minimal and maximizes technology and design of any smart home or commercial space.

There’s so much flexibility. This is why I was so impressed to see the Loxone Experience Center’s relationship between lighting and design. It all makes sense.
Abby Schwartz

Founder | Principal, Abby Schwartz & Associates

Transform any room with smart lighting control

Endless options for customizable lighting moods, tunable white lighting effect, accent and task lighting.

Child using Touch Pure with IF Design Award logo displayed in corner

Declutter walls
with smart design

Reduce the number of buttons, “smart” thermostats and more with the enhanced design of our Touch Pure. In 2019, our Touch Pure Gen 2 won the iF Design Award! With defined Touch points, you can adjust the smart home’s lighting, shading and audio. Room climate is taken care of by a built-in temperature & humidity sensor. Plus, remote control is always an option with the Loxone App on any smart device.

Simple luxury with technology that blends into the background

All Loxone products were made with designers and architects in mind. That’s why you get lighting that does way more than just light a room. Audio that also plays a role in security. Plus much more both indoors and out. Offer customers an elevated lifestyle with a turnkey, complete solution. View our Olympic Panorama luxury home case study.

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Possibilities with whole home automation

50,000 fewer tasks, more time to enjoy life

Everything communicates together for flawless operation in the home. Loxone is changing the way people live in their homes around the world.

Lighting, HVAC, security, multimedia and more that can automatically adjust to the homeowner’s needs. This means Loxone saves 50,000 tasks per year so they can enjoy more time living.

Maximum energy efficiency

Today’s energy efficient homes are not just a luxury, but a standard. Regulations are continually being revised to take these standards to the next level.

With Loxone automation, a building can optimize and manage energy use from switching off devices to standby to car charging via solar panels.

3D model of a smart home labeled with icons