Smart home design
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The first step to elevating your customers’ lifestyles with modern home design is to make sure Loxone Smart Home technology is a part of your early planning. A complete solution with true home automation can help your customers save 50,000 tasks per year and enjoy more time living in their homes. We’re here for you to offer free help with planning your Real Smart Home projects.

Design that doesn’t compromise functionality

With Loxone, you get a complete solution with an extensive product range made and tested under the highest standards. Design remains at the essentials for highest functionality to declutter walls and simplify living in the home. Each component interacts flawlessly, starting with the Miniserver, without needing any connection to wi-fi or the Cloud. Functionality for smart lighting, shading, room climate, security and much more is reliably controlled by the home with minimal manual control.

Child using Touch Pure with IF Design Award logo displayed in corner

Declutter walls
with smart design

Reduce the number of buttons, “smart” thermostats and more – with a simple, award-winning Touch Pure. Instant control, although not necessary, allows you to change the smart home’s lighting, shading and audio. Plus, remote control is always an option with the Loxone App on any smart device.

Smart home experience
like no other on the market

The trio of new fixtures work together and alongside other Loxone smart home products to help transform a space…



Rob Stott

Connected Design

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A line of products
made just for you

All Loxone products were made with designers and architects in mind – from selection of high-quality materials to functionality at its core. That’s why you get lighting that does way more than just light a room. Audio that also plays a role in security. Touch switches and an app that rarely need to be used – all because the Miniserver enables flawless communication between all products to work by themselves, together. Offer your customers an elevated lifestyle of luxury with a complete smart home solution.

Collage of Loxone products

Possibilities with whole home automation

50,000 fewer tasks, more time to enjoy life

In the Real Smart Home, every smart home product communicates together, without the need for manual control, for flawless operation in the home. Loxone is changing the way people live in their homes around the world.

Lighting, shading, room climate, multimedia and more that can automatically adjust to the homeowner’s needs. This means the home saves the homeowner about 50,000 tasks per year so they can enjoy more time living in the home.

Maximum energy efficiency

Today’s energy efficiency homes are not just a luxury, but a standard. Regulations are continually being revised to take these standards to the next level.

A Loxone Smart Home is the future-proof level of energy efficiency. It can optimize and manage energy use from switching off devices to standby to car charging via solar panels. With even more ways to save on energy costs, you have a complete solution to offer your customers.

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There’s so much to learn about putting the most exciting homes on the market. You can start by browsing our online resources and blog, and then sign up to join our AIA-accredited course. Courses can be taken at our Loxone US headquarters, where you can get the full Loxone experience, or on-site at your own office.

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