Red Cross meets green Miniserver in Barcelona

05/31/2019 in Case Studies

When you think of the Red Cross, you might complete your thought with “always there in times of need”. It’s only fitting that they rely on Loxone technology at Red Cross headquarters in Bareclona, Spain. Here, flexibility was key when planning the building – the ultimate reason for choosing Loxone.

Loxone Platinum Partner 9habitat of Spain planned and implemented this project, and thanks to Loxone technology, enabled maximum possibilities for the building. A must-have for Red Cross Barcelona was the ability to concentrate on daily operational tasks and leave basic tasks like lighting and temperature for the building to take care of by itself. That’s right, by itself. Fewer maintenance tasks means more time to focus on tasks that help others.


Controlled air quality and temperature in every room

Health is number one at Red Cross headquarters. This is especially important for caring for its employees – starting with simply the air they breathe – which is why a solution was needed to precisely control and regulate air quality and temperature throughout the building. Two units supply fresh air and the air is measured by CO2 sensors in parts per million (ppm).

Large open foyer with Red Cross emblem hanging

Track air quality
levels in the app

Then in the Loxone App, CO2 values can be instantly checked at any time. Once a specified ppm limit is reached, the ventilation system will automatically activate and provide fresh air. This is especially useful in training rooms and offices with more people or more confined spaces.

Loxone smart home app interface
Solar panel icon

Integrated solar panels

Thanks to the Loxone Miniserver, solar panels become even more efficient as Loxone technology can determine the best way to distribute energy produced by the sun. This self-produced energy brings significant savings to operational costs. 

Water iocn

Monitor water consumption

A larger building means more potential for incidents that can cause unexpected costs. Water consumption is monitored by a meter with pulse output. So if there is a problem with sanitary tanks or any other incident where excess water consumption is detected, the water supply will stop automatically and the building manager will be notified.

Important messages
with Loxone Music Server

Office meeting room behind glass door
Entryway with sensors
Emergency call via panic-button

The “text-to-speech” function of the Loxone Music Server is an employees’ favorite around the headquarters.

If there is ever a problem or if an employee needs help, an alarm can be triggered via the panic-button. After the button is pressed, a text message will be announced over the speakers in select zones. This way, colleagues will be alerted about any incident and can rush to help.

Automatic closing time protocol

Shortly before 10 p.m., the text-to-speech function will announce that the building will soon be closed and locked.

If an emergency exit door or outside door is left open for too long, the Door & Window Contact Air will sense it and a message will also be announced. 

These messages help keep the building and employees safe, especially at night.

Task lighting at work

The interior lighting, escape routes and outdoor signs will be switched on automatically depending on brightness levels and office hours. Automatic lighting helps employees complete their tasks more efficiently. They also benefit from the effects of tunable white lighting on circadian rhythm, which you can learn more about on our blog.

Effective communication

The Red Cross headquarters was a complex project and impressively implemented thanks to effective communication and professionalism from everyone involved. We were able to respond to the client’s needs and allow full control of the building with Loxone. It’s the perfect solution to unite all the equipment in the building and make it all intelligent.

Albert Agustí

Loxone Partner, 9 Habitat Intel·ligent

Partner logo

Versatile and adaptable

Starting a project is never easy. At the beginning, we were very surprised by all of Loxone’s possibilities. We were able to perfectly adapt the entire system. The implementation and final result of the project was to the highest standards. Many thanks to Albert Agustí.

Carles Vidal

Director Servicios Generales, Cruz Roja

Red Cross logo

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