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For new builds.
Wired right in the distribution board.

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For retrofit and renovation.
Wireless placement anywhere in the building

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Intelligent automation:
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The Miniserver provides extensive functionality in buildings of any type and size.
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Constant brightness

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Air quality

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Weather data

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Caller Service

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Push Notifications

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Access control

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Ambient Assisted Living

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Auto Configuration

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Remote access

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System control

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Presence detection

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Pool control

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Water monitoring

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Presence simulation

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Energy management

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Sauna control

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Operating Modes

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Solar panels

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Multiroom audio

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and much more…

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For professionals, from professionals

»A huge benefit of the Miniserver is that the system is completely scalable. We can create individualized solutions for single-family homes, luxury villas and commercial properties. No matter the needs for lighting, audio, access control… the possibilities of automation can be individualized as far as you want them.«

Loxone Partner headshot in greyscale

Matthias Pfalzgraf, S3P-Engineering,
Loxone Partner

»With the Miniserver Go, we can quickly and easily automate existing projects. Without cables, without compromises. The integrated Air technology guarantees an optimal range and, thanks to the flexible expandability through extensions, all of our customer wishes can be achieved.«

Loxone Partner headshot in greyscale

Norman Jöris, smotions,
Loxone Partner

Building & home automation flexibility

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Future-proof and maintenance-free

Designed with the highest standards, the Miniserver and the Miniserver Go reliably perform as all-around solutions for a lifetime. No moving parts, such as fans, are needed – for maximum energy savings.

With more than ten years of experience, 130,000+ Miniservers are revolutionizing true automation in homes and buildings around the world. Each is 100% compatible with all extensions and products ever developed as well as our latest software by Loxone. 

Miniserver and Miniserver Go
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Powerful, free software for building automation

Loxone Config
With our ultimate software tool for Loxone Partners, components can be configured based on customers’ unique needs. Within a few hours, an entire building can be completely configured to the essentials for true automation.

Loxone Apps

One app controls it all. Instantly adjust your music, lighting, access control and much more. Access every smart function in the Loxone App from any smart device.

Animation of Cloud-based home vs a Loxone Smart Home

Cloud-free to keep your data safe

We take data privacy seriosuly
With Loxone your data stays where it belongs: on your Miniserver, within your own walls. Data is processed within the device and stays that way, without being shared or analyzed outside.

Your building, your data. We protect this personal right 100%.

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Interested in offering your customers the most powerful system for building & home automation? With the Miniserver, there’s no compromise when it comes to meeting and exceeding unique needs for your customers.