Ambient Assisted Living: More independence with automation

04/22/2020 in Case Studies

“Ambient Assisted Living” – This term is often associated with building automation. More specifically, it refers to the technical solutions that support people who may have disabilities on their way to a more independent lifestyle. By automating climate, lighting, energy, security, comfort and more, it lessens the need for additional assistance from caregivers to maintain a safe, healthy environment.

Find out how sensible it is to create a more independent life with Loxone:

Functions with flexibility

One of the most outstanding benefits is the flexibility of Loxone. The system can be adapted to each particular case,
depending on a person’s needs and type of disability.

Loxone im Gewerbe - Projekt Alte Saline Bad Reichenhall

24/7 security & safety monitoring

More independence also means more need for security and safety measures. This all-round protection is provided by a range of sensors to detect possible water leaks, open windows and more. Some highlights include the monitoring of the stove, coffee pot and tea kettle. These consumers are automatically monitored once the resident leaves home. The system knows this by the trigger of a magnetic key hung by the door. So if the key is gone and either consumer is left on, it will be automatically switched off. 

Find an example in our Use Cases that involves monitoring of Door & Window Contacts.

Loxone im Gewerbe - Projekt Alte Saline Bad Reichenhall
Loxone im Gewerbe - Projekt Alte Saline Bad Reichenhall

Access control & monitoring

For home access, the Loxone NFC Code Touch and NFC Key Fob is an ideal solution. The NFC Key Fobs are fully customizable and in case of loss, they can be easily deactivated. Monitored in the Loxone App, select family members or care staff can have an overview of the resident’s entries and exits to ensure safety remotely. If the time away from home exceeds a specified amount, the designated caregiver receives a push notification.

Another safety precaution through the use of Motion Sensors, is detection of a fall. If no additional movement is detected for a certain time after the last movement, an alarm can be triggered. For example, the sensor can detect a fall or accident and send a push notification to inform caregivers.

Loxone im Gewerbe - Projekt Alte Saline Bad Reichenhall

Easiest way to operate

According to the Loxone Switch Standard, the Touch Pure switch is activated by double-tapping its center. However, this can be modified for Ambient Assisted Living. Experience with LifeHelp residents has shown that a long-term hold may be easier to handle.

“This is one of the biggest advantages and reasons why I like working with Loxone so much. I can perfectly respond to the needs of the owners and residents in every project and adapt everything”.
Stefan Konrad, Loxone Partner

What’s it like using Loxone?

I have been a Loxone Partner since 2011 and have already implemented numerous projects since then. Mostly single-family houses, but also many commercial projects. The project with LifeHelp was a challenge, but much easier to master with Loxone. We have implemented every possible function, from text-to-speech to fire and water alarms, access, music control and much more.

Stefan Konrad

Loxone Partner

By using the intelligent technology of Loxone, we have created an additional support for residents and caregivers. The technology performs many tasks in the background and supports our residents. We can give the residents even more security. This is especially important in times when there is no caregiver on site. In an emergency, the caregivers are automatically notified.

Brigitte Swoboda

Board Member, LifeHelp

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