Loxone for Educational Institutes

Ever think about using home & building automation in your own curriculum? Students can learn about future-proof technology in a way with Loxone. We offer a practical, truly intelligent solution to experience:

Keeping it smart by keeping it simple

The Loxone solution is easy to learn for both teachers and students. Both hardware and software are designed with simple installation and comprehensive functionality in mind. So today and years later, usability and technology never becomes compromised.

Get your hands on Loxone –
free software tools & online training

Free Software

With every update, you’ll never get an additional charge. Our planning and configuration software, Loxone Config is ideal for endless applications. The Loxone App is also available on any smart device for students to test and run their own configurations. 

Online Training/Resources

We always provide the online resources you need. Documentation, tutorials, and more. As a teacher, you will receive free training with a Partner Coach. This includes thorough explanations of installing Loxone from planning and implementation to completion and beyond.

Add value to courses

For educational institutions* that equip at least 5 full-fledged laboratory workstations with Loxone, we have put together a special offer with numerous advantages.

Special price for lab equipment

If you equip five or more laboratory workstations with Loxone and include them in your lessons, you will receive the products used for laboratory equipment at only 10% cost price – 90% discount from the list price!

Your personal contact

You will receive a direct point of contact available for any questions. We’ll provide the technical support you need to get your classroom up and running with Loxone.

Free training for teachers

The Loxone Training Course can be held at our Loxone Experience Center or at your classroom/laboratory. Any expenses/travel/food/lodging must be covered by the educational institution.

High-quality products at a discount

After attending a Loxone Training Course, teachers can purchase products at a special price. We offer a wide range of products to meet unique needs.

Loxone Experience Tour for students

We give teachers and students a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of Loxone. You’ll receive a full tour of our US Headquarters & Experience Center with product demos.

Free marketing support

Educational institutions equipped with Loxone receive free marketing support from us – online and for the classroom. Stickers, magazines, fan shirts (for teachers), and more.

*Our special training offer applies exclusively to public vocational schools (public BBS), technical colleges and universities as well as educational institutions (Wifi, BFI, chambers of trade), which conduct official examinations such as apprenticeship, journeyman and master craftsman examinations and equip laboratory places for these purposes.

Worldwide cooperation with Loxone

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Guidelines for success together

Our offer applies without restriction to educational institutions such as public vocational schools (public BBS), technical colleges and universities. Educational institutions such as Wifi, BFI, chambers of trade and crafts, which conduct official examinations such as apprenticeship, journeyman and master craftsman examinations, can equip laboratory workstations for these purposes.

1. Intended use

The components listed in Point 2 (below) are used for at least 3 years and exclusively for training purposes in the laboratory of the educational institution. Any change of the intended purpose requires the explicit written consent of Loxone. A use of the components contrary to the contract entitles Loxone to declare this agreement dissolved immediately and to invoice the difference to the list price in full.

2. Components

Subject of this agreement are the listed components under the debtor of the educational institution with the note “Laboratory space equipment”.

3. Marketing terms

The following marketing terms are desired and should be implemented according to the possibilities of the educational institution:

To be conducted by the educational institution:

  • Loxone banner displayed in classroom/laboratory
  • Linking to loxone.com
  • Open invitation for visits from other educational institutions
  • Free Loxone ads in school communications, print, online

To be conducted by Loxone:

  • Blog post with presentation of the educational institution
  • Educational institution listed as Loxone-certified on website
  • Social media posts for public awareness
  • Supply of Loxone polo shirts for teachers
  • Suppy of marketing material: Magazines, Cubes, Stickers, etc.
4. Loxone Training Course

Teachers must complete our Loxone Training Course.

After laboratories are established, our trainers will train teachers that will be teaching Loxone. A total of three full training days are included free of charge and are arranged with Loxone as required.

Travel costs to the training location and back will be charged according to actual expenditure. The US Headquarters location in Garnet Valley, PA (near Philadelphia) serves as the starting point for the travel expense report.

Training can take place in two variants:

Variant 1: On-site of the established laboratory or educational institution

  • Minimum of five participants in training
  • Travel expenses for a trainer must be covered
  • Hotel/overnight expenses for a trainer must be covered for the complete three-day training
  • Training takes place from Tuesday to Thursday (froma travel time of three hours, arrival on Monday, departure on Friday)

Variant 2: Public training at Loxone Headquarters & Experience Center – Garnet Valley, PA

  • Teachers can attend our public training course, along with registered Loxone Partners, free of charge. Travel expenses for the teacher/s must be covered by the educational isntitution. No additonal requirements.
5. Laboratory approval by Loxone
  • Completion of laboratory workstations must be reported to Loxone.
  • A Loxone employee must visit by appointment and approve the conditions on-site.
  • In preparation for an appointment for approval, the teacher must provide a sample lesson including Loxone.
6. Must be submitted by educational institution

The extent of inclusion in the classroom:

  • Number of hours
  • Focus of lessons

Subsequent equipping of additional laboratory places or expansion of existing ones must be documented (with photo) within 30 days of delivery to Loxone.

(Not included in the Loxone Educational Program are electricians and companies that equip training rooms for an internal or commercial course program. Educational institutions such as Wifi, BFI, chambers of craftsmen, which conduct official examinations such as apprenticeship, journeyman and master examinations, can equip laboratories for these purposes)

Interested in Loxone for your classroom?

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