Simplified smart home construction
for builders & developers
Put the most exciting homes on the market.

From the planning and wiring to configuration, a Loxone automation solution is both easier and more profitable than a conventional electrical installation. As a complete ecosystem, it’s highly energy efficient and effortlessly adds value to homes while enhancing homeowners’ lifestyles. 

Enhance every lifestyle in any style


8 reasons why building a smart home with Loxone benefits builders & developers

Easy To Install and setup

Improved lifestyle, increased value

The home adjusts to homeowners’ lifestyles and unique needs for lighting, room climate, security…

Easy To Install and setup

50% less wiring & installation efforts

Easier than a regular electrical installation.

360 degree solution

Work with existing installation partners

No need to get another trade involved.

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Energy efficiency is the new standard

A rising concern for homeowners is easily managed with efficient automation.

Easy To Install and setup

Reliable, all-in-one solution that’s here to last

With 100,000+ projects worldwide, the future-proof ecosystem includes 150+ products and free app.

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Stand out in a crowded market

Other “smart” home solutions and control systems don’t compare to the true automation by Loxone. 

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Configure any project in less than 15 minutes

Programming support with powerful software makes the home move-in ready.

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Make more money on every home

According to a study by Coldwell Banker, smart homes sell faster and at a higher value than traditional homes.

Design that doesn’t compromise functionality

With Loxone, design remains at the essentials for highest functionality, decluttered lifestyles – even the walls. Each component interacts flawlessly, starting with the Miniserver, without needing any connection to wi-fi or the Cloud – where many connected homes fail. Smart lighting, shading, room climate, security and much more is reliably controlled by the home with minimal manual control.

Flexible system impresses buyers with personalized solutions for any setting. 

Simple luxury with technology that blends into the background.

Fits a range of lifestyles, even for homeowners who have a home away from home.

Builders & developers on Loxone

The NAHB has awarded Loxone for the best product offering in the home building market with its Global Innovation Award. We are working with smart home building companies in the production home, custom home, prefab and MDU space.

We’re in a really hot market and Loxone is the key thing to bringing people into our homes, so we can blow them off their feet and get the homes sold faster.

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Adam Rope

Developer, Canyon Creek Homes

The homes I build are designed and built for a niche market of buyers that are seeking the best quality all around. Loxone fits perfectly into all of my builds and meets the high standards of my buyers.

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Marc Duvivier

Owner, DuVive Master Builder

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Smart home savings
Up to 50% discount on your model smart home devices
Smart home planning support
Full planning and configuration assistance
Smart home training course
Free on-site smart home training for your sales staff and realtors
Marketing support
Marketing support for your showroom, events and more.
Personalization for your smart home business
Options to personalize the Loxone App with your logo & design
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Official certification as a ‘Real Smart Home Builder’

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