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Quick integration, easy retrofitting and future security are what set the Loxone Smart Home System apart from others.

Home Builder Associations joined by Loxone

The 2017 NAHB Global Innovation Award recognizes the most cutting-edge, advanced, and original product offerings in the home building market. Chosen by an independent panel of judges, Loxone’s affordable and easily installed smart home solution is the 2017 Global Innovation Award Winner, as it brings the combination of design, functionality, innovation, and usefulness that builders and professionals throughout North America have been seeking.

3 Reasons To Become A Loxone Partner

360 degree solution

360° Solution With 150+ Products

Easy To Install and setup

Easy To Install and Setup

Free Integration Support Image of Speech Bubbles

Free Integration Support

The Loxone Smart Home

Founded in 2009 by Thomas Moser and Martin Öller, Loxone is the inventor of a 360° intelligent home management. The core of the Loxone Smart Home is the Miniserver. It allows full control and connected integration of all devices in a home by using a push button, smartphone, computer or tablet. Lighting, HVAC, Climate, Security, Audio, Video, Shading and even pool and irrigation systems are examples of controlled and automated areas. Home Builders use Loxone all over the world. Today we’re proud to have over 40,000 homes equipped with Loxone Home Automation.

Home Builder Smart Home

The Loxone App including your design

You would like to have your logo in the Loxone App? And a picture of the project in the background? No problem! Adapt the design of the Loxone App to your needs!

Loxone Smart Home App
Loxone Smart Home

Top 4 Reasons To Build A Loxone Model Smart Home

It’s time to install your model home with Loxone! We give you 4 good reasons why a Loxone Model Smart  Home will pay off:

Time is money

Time is money

Selling a Loxone Smart Home means selling a house faster. Faster means more houses. More houses means more money for you.

Time is money

Added Benefits

A Loxone Smart Home is an additional selling point. It’s sustainable, contemporary and worth much more. So more sales for you.

Time is money

Potential market

The smart home market has 3 advantages for you: it’s new, unrivaled and growing fast. Set yourself apart from your competitors.

Time is money

Our Experience

The number of 50,000 Loxone Smart Homes and 10,000 Loxone Partners all over the world speak for our experience in creating smart homes.

The Value of Home Automation

It’s time to install your model home with Loxone! We give you 4 good reasons why a Loxone Model Smart  Home will pay off:


Of Homeowners would like to own a smart home where they can control everything from one app


Seek a professionally installed system over a DIY solution


Of Realtors say that home buyers are more interested in Smart Home technology than two years ago


Homeowners are willing to spend 5% more for a Smart Home

Our Offer – Your Advantages
For as little as 1% of the home’s sales price, Loxone can make it Smart Home ready.

In a recent study, Coldwell Banker found that buyers will pay 5% more for a smart home. With our 1% offer, we will wire and configure the basic functionalities of a smart home in your newly built home. In turn, you will be selling your new smart homes faster and at a higher price. Loxone offers you and your customers a contract and license free smart home system and innovative technology to boost your sales. Building a Loxone Model Smart Home is the best way to showcase the possibilities of Loxone.

Free Software and up to 50% Discount for your Model Smart Home Equipment
Full planning and configuration assistance for your Model Home
Smart Home Trainings for your electricians and realtors for their sales pitch
Free Configuration Software & Apps, Free Updates to expand the Smart Home
Free marketing support and link building to your website
Free Loxone certification as certified Loxone Smart Home Builder

Why your customers will love your Loxone Smart Home

A Loxone Smart Home is easy to resell as it brings lifestyle and comfort. Yours customers will be enthusiastic because it’s…

Contract Free

Loxone offers a contract free smart home solution. Your Customers don’t have to pay any fee. Our software, Loxone Config, Apps as well as Updates are all free.


Living in a smart home is the new way of living. It’s smarter, safer, more comfortable and energy-efficient, while remaining easy to operate and affordable.


Todays child’s room could be an office tomorrow. Loxone Smart Homes are future-proof and flexible. Your customers can expand it at any time with any features.


A Loxone Smart Home caters to the needs of your customers. With our individual packages for families, lifestyle & comfort, security and energy saver – living becomes easier.

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