Whether at home, in business or elsewhere: Loxone automatically provides you with more intelligence, comfort, security and energy efficiency.
It always remains future-proof and affordable.

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Loxone Energy Focus

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Lighting & Controls

Think beyond the typical “on” and “off” automation. Lights offer more functionality and benefits with controls that support your lifestyle.

Save energy as the system measures, controls, and adapts to natural light and occupants’ presence

Set the mood with dynamic lighting and color control

Flexible control of individual lights indoors and out

Fully customizable settings in the Loxone App

HVAC & Climate Control

While HVAC systems are functional on their own, adding an intelligent automation system with monitoring offers unique benefits. More factors contribute to more functions.

Reduce energy consumption by 40% when you integrate controls by Loxone

Individual room control and universal building climate control

Heating and cooling based on presence, predefined schedules and intelligent monitoring

Integrated Audio

More than music over speakers, integrated audio by Loxone is experience-driven. Whether that means a playlist that wakes you up in the morning or an alarm that alerts you when a water leak is detected.

Built-in smart features such as morning alarms, security alarms, announcements, text-to-speech and doorbells

Spotify, internet radio, local playlists, Apple AirPlay integrated

Fully controlled by the App

Over six digital and analog audio sources, and supporting over nine audio file formats

Special Applications

Support when it matters most, in the least intrusive way. For example, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions support people in everyday life who may typically need additional care.

Technology takes care of tasks in the background while a caregiver can monitor functions remotely

Fall detection, emergency calls, reminders and more

Preventative features are programmed according 
to your needs

More Loxone Applications

What customers say about us

Making all the small tasks easier around your home allows for you to spend more quality time with your family without the worry of did I turn this or that off? It happens automatically with Loxone. «
Brent Celek
Super Bowl champ, Loxone homeowner
The Loxone system is quite impressive. In fact, when you consider each subsystem and the overall design, it’s arguably the most vertically integrated control solution 
on the market. «
Josh Willits
CE Pro team member & Loxone homeowner
The best part for me is never having to wonder about what’s going on in the operation of the building. It’s a level of security that comes with having a direct connection to the investment. «
Ricardo Young
Owner, Victory
Restaurant & Lounge

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