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Smart Housing with Building Technology from Loxone

Automated residential projects provide tenants with inimitable comfort while helping to reduce utility costs. Investors and residential developers benefit from value increases through smart building technology and, at the same time, reduced complexity in the electrical installation of the property. During operation, high potential savings result from intelligent energy management and protective features of the building. For example, the shading system sets itself to a protective position in the event of bad weather or frost, and the intelligent ventilation system protects against mold growth. Residents are also protected by the network that connects all apartments. If a fire breaks out in one residential unit, all other residential units are also informed.

Advantages of intelligent building technology

Advantages for landlords

Simplified and streamlined management

Increase in value

Visualization of the entire building

Remote maintenance

Notification in case of technical malfunctions

Damage limitation in case of technical alarms through notification and immediate action

Email dispatch of meter readings

Determination of the annual working time

Broaden target market: smart apartments are more attractive to younger generations of renters

More security and less work through smart locks

Competitive advantage over regular buildings: enticing interior and exterior through smart lighting or outdoor features (smart irrigation)

Advantages for tenants

Flexible and smart access solutions with Intercom

Higher comfort and standard of living

Simple operation

External, easy access via Loxone app

Reduction of utility costs

Overview of energy and water consumption

Increased security thanks to automated alarm system

Perfectly managed environment

Reduced CO2 footprint

Advantages for Loxone partners

Individual adaptation of the configuration

Easy and fast installation and commissioning

Remote maintenance options


Individually expandable thanks to Loxone Air technology

Reliable system that works no matter what

What investors say

We soon realized our business would grow quicker with Loxone, which provided a reliable internet-free solution. We landed more jobs with a wider variety of clientele requiring diverse solutions. Now, we offer Loxone as our only hardware automation solution – the more we use it, the more our business grows. «

Loxone Partner, Inder
Inder Kanwal

Loxone Gold Partner, The Smartest Builder

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Building technology that works no matter what

With the Miniserver, Loxone offers the tool for simple control and intelligent automation of projects in residential construction. The fully-compatible Loxone product range ensures sustainable and maintenance-free interaction in commercial construction. With the development of our in-house technologies, Loxone Tree and Loxone Air, we have pursued the goal of reducing the installation effort of electrical installation in residential and commercial properties to a minimum. With Loxone, you can rely on a cost-efficient and easy-to-use 360° solution: lighting, shading, HVAC control, access and security and much more can be automated in your projects in a perfectly coordinated way.

A picture that symbolizes the different lighting moods in a smart apartment.

The technology behind Loxone

An icon that symbolizes the Loxone Tree technology.

Loxone Tree - Perfect for new buildings

Loxone Tree allows you to have a completely free cabling topology, where you can connect any Tree products such as lights, controls, sensors and more. Compared to a classic installation in a new building, this can save up to 80% of cabling effort.

A picture symbolizing the Loxone Tree wiring in a smart apartment.
An icon that symbolizes the Loxone Air technology.

Loxone Air - Perfect for extensions and renovation projects

The radio-based technology, Loxone Air makes it easy to expand the level of automation after moving in, if your customer wishes to. Inspire your customer with a system that works no matter what and adapts to the occupant. The subsequent commissioning of a push button, water sensor,… are easy to realize and add value to your investment. Discover the wide range of products for your project.

A picture symbolizing the Loxone Air Technology.

Products for Smart Apartments & MDUs

The Miniserver – Full scalability, infinite possibilities

The Miniserver is the heart of every Loxone installation. Developed specifically for the professional electrician, the Miniserver works as a central control unit. To cover all areas of a building automation, the system can be expanded by means of numerous interfaces – according to your requirements and budget. From student residences to luxury penthouses.

Access solutions in residential construction – as flexible as your requirements

Loxone has a range of smart access solutions ready for your multi-apartment building – perfect for your requirements of any kind. Use our Touch Pure Flex individually, in combination with our Intercom or NFC Code Touch, and create your own personalized access solution.

You only need one Intercom per residential building? No problem, thanks to the new Intercom Trust feature, your Loxone Intercom can also be used by multiple Miniserver.

An image that symbolizes the various access solutions in residential construction.

Versatile application in housing

Smart Ambient Assisted Living – Supported living

With Ambient Assisted Living, Loxone offers the flexibility to adapt to the age of the residents and their needs. Orientation light at night when getting up, a text-to-speech reminder to take medication, alarm functions and much more is possible. It’s not just the residents who are offered greater living comfort. The work of nursing home staff is made easier, for instance, by presence detection or emergency buttons.

Smart prefabricated houses

Modern prefab home manufacturers worldwide are responding to the increasing demand for smart home technology and offering it as a standard in their projects. This standard becomes a unique selling point and adds value to homes with prefab solutions from Loxone.


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