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You can now offer a complete, flexible solution that even makes you more money on the job. As an open home and building automation system, it’s simple to integrate with any other systems and bring 250+ functions together to meet a wide range of needs. We’ll help you every step of the way so let’s get started!

Simple, flexible, all-in-one solution starts here

No matter if you’re a systems integrator looking to simplify programming without compromising functionality, an electrician looking for less wiring and more flexibility or an AV expert looking to expand into security – a sensible Loxone solution is all it takes.



Get a bigger piece of the pie

Start quoting more on one job that meets the budget. Cover electrical work, and so much more with ease, with a flexible, all-around solution.


Stand out from the pack

Loxone technology makes it easy to expand your skills while you save significant time on every installation! No other control system can provide all-in-one comprehensive functionality.  

Take our lead with full support

We work closely with each of our partners, setting each other up for success. From design to programming, implementation and beyond, our team is here for you. 


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Introducing a fully automated ecosystem

What happens? A cohesive environment simply works as it should: lighting, audio, HVAC, security and much more. While Loxone offers a complete, flexible solution for intelligent building automation, it can be individualized based on your client’s needs. Whether it’s a personalized lighting installation, Ambient Assisted Living or any application inbetween.

Starting with advanced lighting control
LED lighting fixtures can be automated to meet a wide range of needs and provide benefits in any building: residential, office and other commercial properties. Loxone offers the most flexible solution that works with any lights on the market, high- or low-voltage.

Flexibility and room for expansion
Devices can be connected like branches with free-from topology to be controlled individually or grouped as needed. Extensions always leave room for more possibilities later on.

In our Loxone Experience Center
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Your journey as a Loxone Partner

As a Loxone Partner, you’ll get support from us every step of the way no matter your Loxone Partner status. Breaking down each level, you can expect the following requirements:

Registered Partner

After you leave us your info, our team will reach out and see if it’s a good fit. As a next step, you can purchase a Welcome Package and will be considered a Registered Partner. To start your own Loxone projects, you will need to reach Silver Partner status by completing our 4-day training course.

Silver Partner

Completing the requirements of our training course grants you a Silver Partner Status. At this point, you will have the skills and confidence you need to start implementing your own Loxone projects.


Gold & Platinum Partner

As you complete more projects and gain success with Loxone, you can reach your way to Gold and then Platinum Partner status. With a higher status, comes even more benefits for you. 

Get started with our training course

Gain the skills you need to configure and implement a future-proof Loxone automation solution for any smart home or commercial project. Attending our training course is one of the requirements of becoming a Loxone Partner. Contact us to become a partner and schedule your training:

Your personal
Welcome Package

We put together an exclusive package to get you motivated and introduced to the green world of Loxone. Get to know our products and technology and get excited about expanding your business with Loxone! 

Hear it from experts and everyday users

The Loxone system is quite impressive. In fact, when you consider each subsystem and the overall design, it’s arguably the most vertically integrated control solution on the market.

Josh Willits

CE Pro

Before I came across Loxone, I was working with AMX, Lutron, and others. Loxone takes the complexity out of doing professional Smart Home installations. Not only do I save time installing Loxone, I also found that clients especially love the lifestyle.

Kurt Korfhage

Integration Unlimited, CEDIA Certified Professional Designer

After working with Loxone, I find myself revisiting the past lighting systems I’ve done and thinking about what I would have done differently in my mind. I can’t help but imagine how much improvement would have been made if I used Loxone back then. 

Matt Winder

Clarity SSD

I’ve been quite pleased with how well family members of all ages, as well as Airbnb guests, are able to engage with the system without issue. My husband’s parents are in their mid to late 60s, and they can totally manage the system.

Beth Chappo


Questions? Ask away!

Kathryn Flick

Head of Lead Development

P: (610)-810-3344