Loxone Tree

Smart Home Wiring In Record Time

With the development of Loxone Tree, we have created a way to minimize the cabling and installation time required for a Loxone Smart Home, without compromising on flexibility in the topology or communication speed of the devices.

With Tree, we are entering a new era of smart home technology. Developed especially for the Loxone Smart Home, it makes installation quick and easy!

Loxone Tree Technology

Up to 80% cable reduction

Loxone Tree has been designed to allow for the flexible connection of a variety of Tree accessories on a room-by-room basis. This significantly reduces the amount of cable that needs to be run as well as saving space in your distribution board.

Configured in record time

Loxone Tree devices are incredibly simple not only to wire, but to configure. With just a few clicks, your devices can be up and running in mere minutes.

100% compatibility

We have developed Tree Technology in-house to ensure full compatibility with other Loxone components in addition to simple and intuitive configuration.

Minimum Effort. Maximum Flexibility.

Loxone Tree offers full flexibility for designing the wiring of your home. The Tree Extension has two ‘branches’ and up to 50 Tree enabled devices can be connected to each branch, allowing you to create a customized wiring structure that’s suited to the size of your home and tailored to your needs.



The Tree Extension has two branches – we recommend one branch is dedicated to each floor of your home. From there, you can wire your Tree devices on a room-by-room basis.

Loxone Tree - Easy Wiring

Wire the sensors from room to room.

Future Ready

There’s no need to worry about outdated technology, as all Loxone Tree components can benefit from the latest smart features through the regular software updates we offer. The best part? Software updates are completely free.

Easily Expandable

Our lives are not static and nor should our homes be. We understand that just like a tree, your home’s needs will grow and change over time, whether that’s in the form of an extension, renovation or the arrival of a new family member. This is why Loxone Tree has been designed to allow you to add more devices as and when you may need them.

Loxone Tree
The Flexible Technology

From cabling to commissioning, we have developed our technology to meet the unique needs of our Loxone Partners – we call it Loxone Tree Technology:


Free topology. We recommend cabling of devices on a room-by-room basis.

Device Search

With a single click, all connected Tree Devices are automatically detected and listed.


Name your devices, and you’re done. It really is that simple!


Integrated diagnostic functions and device status LEDs assist in quick fault finding.

Data Transmission

Enjoy lag-free data communication thanks to high transmission speed, which is five times faster than KNX.


All communication between security sensitive Tree products is fully encrypted.

Free Updates

All Loxone Tree products can benefit from our regular, free software updates.


No matter how many Tree branches you need, the wiring structure can be easily extended.

“I’m a little reluctant to accept anything new in terms of technology, however, having accepted the idea of Tree technology meant our project could be implemented simply, cost-effectively and much faster than expected.

Daniel Wilson
38 Years
Loxone customer

“We love using Loxone Tree for our projects – it’s really quick for us to install and so far we really can’t fault the products. Keep up the good work!”

Jared Thompson
InHome Genius
Loxone Gold Partner

Always Expanding
Loxone Tree Range

Our Loxone Tree range is constantly being expanded. To hear about our latest products, be sure to sign up to our monthly newsletter.