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While the way that we build remains relatively unchanged over decades, the amount of technology operating buildings is increasing faster than we can keep up with today. Lifestyles need to gain back what it means to be in control.

As one unified, Cloud-free ecosystem, Loxone simplifies lighting, energy, security and more to take smart buildings to the next level. Teamwork between devices makes it possible for lighting to play a role in security, audio to go beyond music and more. By using automation, technology adapts to your lifestyle more than you have to adapt to it.

Quadral Install Speaker 10 Passive &
Satellite Speaker IP64 Passive

The Install Speaker 10 Passive is an in-wall speaker with high-end features and a 10-inch woofer. The Satellite Speaker IP64 Passive is the universal answer for all your audio needs and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Miniserver & Extensions

All communication runs directly to the “brain”, the Miniserver. With each Loxone Extension, you can further expand your range of communication and functions. This sets the foundation for an infinitely flexible and future-proof Loxone Smart Home or commercial building.

Loxone Config 14

The new Config 14 includes new practical features as well as more performance and stability updates than any Config ever before!

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Whether you’re planning a new home or renovation, or maybe you’re just curious, you can find plenty of smart home & building automation inspiration in our Create Automation Magazine. It’s full of tips and ideas.

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