We Change Lives
Within Our Own Four Walls

Our company focus today is a simple idea: a home that knows what to do.

Our mission: Everyone lives in a smart home.

Our Vision

Every Mission Starts With a Vision.

We started in 2008: Thomas Moser and Martin Oeller liked the idea of having a home in which the majority of functions like safety, energy efficiency and comfort could all be centrally controlled. After all, this was at a time where cars could already parallel park themselves and robotic lawnmowers could take care of the gardening. So why were homes so far behind?

Both Martin and Thomas wanted intelligent and convenient automation in their own homes. They scoured the market for something that would meet their needs but found what was on offer to be impractical, complicated and expensive.

“We wanted a solution that was highly intelligent, simple to use and yet affordable! We wanted to have a system where the lights would turn on if you got up in the middle of the night without having to fumble around for a light switch in the dark; a system intelligent enough to close the blinds and curtains automatically based on the position of the sun and a system that maintains the perfect temperature in every room.

Founder & CEO of Loxone

And so an idea emerged to solve their personal needs:

The Loxone Smart Home


At first, just for them. Today, it’s for everyone.

A Loxone Smart Home is not only comfortable, energy-efficient and safe but when it comes to intelligent foresight, it begins, for example, to heat up in time so that it is warm at the time I want. Without any manual input from me. If it is necessary, then I can also check in and control my home from afar – to switch the iron off, for example. All of this, without ever invading my privacy.”

Founder & CEO of Loxone

Our Mission

Everyone Lives In A Loxone Smart Home

We see living in a smart home not as a luxury, but as a contemporary living model for everyone. The guiding idea of the two founders is the driving force behind every Loxonaut, every day, at every step. More than 250 employees around the world are passionate about Loxone Smart Homes and are committed to bringing Loxone Smart Homes to the world and making them affordable and accessible for everyone – homeowners, apartment owners and tenants alike.

Passion That Moves

With thousands of Loxone Smart Home projects worldwide, we are at the forefront of the industry. But it’s not enough. We continue to roll up our sleeves and join together to offer the best smart home solution in the world. Be part of a unique team.