At Loxone, we Create

We focus on the simple idea of creating a building that knows what to do on its own. 
From smart homes to commercial buildings of all types, our goal is that that they are equipped with truly intelligent automation for the simplest control.

Our vision

With humble beginnings in 2008, our founders Thomas Moser and Martin Oller were motivated by the idea of a home that can take care of functions like safety, energy efficiency and comfort on its own with little need for manual control. During a time when cars park themselves and have automatic headlights, why shouldn’t a home take care of tasks similarly?

And here we are now, spreading a lifestyle that homeowners and business owners are bringing into their lives and never looking back. Loxone efficiently manages tasks for homes, hotels, offices and commercial buildings of all types.

“We wanted a solution that was highly intelligent, simple to use and yet affordable! We wanted to have a system where the lights would turn on if you got up in the middle of the night without having to fumble around for a light switch in the dark; a system intelligent enough to close the blinds and curtains automatically based on the position of the sun and a system that maintains the perfect temperature in every room.

Martin Öller
Founder & CEO of Loxone

A Loxone Smart Home is not only comfortable, energy-efficient and safe but when it comes to intelligent foresight, it begins, for example, to heat up in time so that it is warm at the time I want. Without any manual input from me. If it is necessary, then I can also check in and control my home from afar – to switch the iron off, for example. All of this, without ever invading my privacy.”

Thomas Moser
Founder & CEO of Loxone

Our Mission

50,000 fewer tasks, more time to live.

Out of all the tasks that Loxone can relieve you from – lighting, HVAC, shading, audio and more – we make it priority to give you one thing you can’t get back – time. Time to enjoy life. 

Passion leads a movement. Move with us.

With 100,000+ of Loxone Smart Homes and commercial projects worldwide, we are leading and shaking up the industry as we know it. But it’s not enough. We continue to roll up our sleeves and join together to offer the only truly “smart” home solution. See where you can fit in and play an important role in this movement with us: