Multi-room Audio System

True Multimedia Experience.
Fully Automated With Loxone.

For private use and businesses

Experience a multiroom system with perfect sound that is tailored to your needs and intuitive to use – flexible, professional and adapted to every need. Enjoy premium sound in every room.

A multiroom system has never been so diverse yet simple

Make the simple moments in life special

Thanks to the multimedia solution from Loxone

The Most Popular Multiroom Features

Music is not everything our multiroom system can do. In addition to the amazing acoustics and relaxing background music, it also offers a number of other features that make life in your own four walls easier and more pleasant.

The Loxone Audio Solution

The Loxone product range is optimally coordinated with one another, enabling all components in the building to work seamlessly together. With our Audioserver you have limitless options for installing your mutiroom system with just one device. Up to 48 speakers can be connected to the Loxone Audioserver with 4 integrated amplifier channels and additional stereo extensions.

With the auto-configuration of our free software, up to 80% of the settings can be configured within a minute.

To ensure that everything remains easy to control after your Loxone elements have been easily configured, the Touch Pure enables the simplest control as a central control element.

Our Multiroom Speakers

Install Speaker 7

With the Install Speaker 7 built-in speaker, we create a fundamental element for installing audio products within your multiroom system. The compact speaker fits anywhere and fits in seamlessly.

Install Speaker 7

Mit dem Install Speaker 7 schaffen wir ein grundlegendes Element für die Installation von Audioprodukten innerhalb Ihres Projektes. Der kompakte Lautsprecher findet überall Platz und fügt sich nahtlos ein.

Satellite Speaker IP64

To ensure that your multiroom experience goes beyond the inside of your building, we have a loudspeaker for optimal outdoor sound. Even outside there are no compromises when it comes to comfort and enjoyment.

Install Speaker 10

Dank der neuesten Technologie passend für viele unserer Lautsprecher sorgen wir für noch geringeren Aufwand bei Installation und Erweiterung Ihres Systems. Beispielsweise können Sie Ihren neuen Install Speaker 10 als teil des Loxone-Systems jederzeit mit geringem Aufwand nachrüsten.

Install Speaker 10

Thanks to the latest technology suitable for many of our speakers, we ensure even less effort when installing and expanding your multiroom system. For example, you can retrofit your new Install Speaker 10 as part of the Loxone system at any time with little effort.

Save over
60% energy with Loxone

The Loxone Miniserver offers any number of features, rules and scenes that only need to be set once for a fully automated experience.

Comparison of a 100V audio system with the Loxone audio solution in a standard commercial installation:*

Power consumption
during operation


audio system


Power consumtion
during standby

audio system


Stories & Inspiration

Hotel reduces power consumption for audio by 66%

*The numbers refer to a restaurant with 16 speakers.
A 100V system plus a playback device was chosen as the conventional audio system. 1,000 hours were used for the calculation.

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