Lighting installation transforms doctor’s office

06/04/2020 in Case Studies
For this doctor’s office transformation, Loxone Partner Smart Home Solutions went all out in the areas of lighting control, especially utilizing special programming and customization of LED Strips to leave a lasting impression. With cosmetic surgery as the client’s specialty, transformation is the motive here. This project shows how a Loxone solution can be as simple or extensive as it needs to be, depending on the client’s needs.


Lighting installation interview with our partner

We’re sharing an overview of the impressive features and technology installed by Loxone Partner Jameel Gibbs of Smart Home Solutions (Waldorf, MD). In his self-produced video above, he highlights his experience transforming a doctor’s office with a Loxone lighting solution.

Read along for Jameel’s journey that lead to this awesome transformation:



What unique needs were presented by the client?

Jameel: The most unique need presented by my client on this project was a lighting system that is customizable, controlled remotely from his phone and could be zoned off by room while still having the ability to set scenes for the entire building. Highlighting a replica Thor hammer with special lighting effects was a centerpiece to this project. This level of customization is what my client was most excited about.

Why did they come to you for this project?

Jameel: They came to me for something new. From our first conversation, I knew he was thinking outside the box – that’s my kind of client. I always explain the flexibility of the Loxone system to my clients, and this was the perfect chance to show it.

Our tip: In the future, if the client decides to expand, the technology installed is flexible enough to add on new features and systems – security with the Alarm Siren, IR controller for TVs and more.

Project details

Cameo Surgical Center
Long Island, New York

 Loxone Partner

Smart Home Solutions

 Loxone components

1x Miniserver Go
1x Tree Extension
10x LED Strip RGBW (164 ft)
1x Touch Square Tree
1x Touch Surface
3x RGBW 24V Dimmer Air
7x RGBW 24V Dimmer Tree


Doctor office entry room with LED Strip lighting
Front desk with LED Strip lighting effect


How did you approach this problem? 

Jameel: We laid the building out in person and then drew it up on paper. My goal was to find a central location to put my extensions and power supplies, and hardwire as many devices as possible. There was one stretch out into the waiting area that would have been difficult to wire back, but the Air devices easily took care of that problem.

How did you reach your solution?

Jameel: We used crown molding LED channels to create custom light fixtures that ended up working like wall-washers. setting each wall on a different RGBW Dimmer. This made for some cool effects at the front desk, waiting room, and the other areas.

I’ve been a fan of led lighting on crown molding for a long time. Traditionally you see it up high. Since this was a commercial building, the ceilings were so high that the light wouldn’t have made an impact, so we decided to use them creatively. We created fixtures mid-wall and running down the baseboards facing the ground. I think the end result was worth it, you always see these projects in your head first and the struggle is creating it on-site. So when it happens just how you imagined it’s so special.

What special features were implemented?

Jameel: When it came to the Thor hammer, I immediately thought “how can we make lightning?”. That was followed by a call to Benjamin from the Loxone technical support team, and the rest is history. The lightning effect was the icing on the cake.

I had a learning experience with this one too, the lightning effect was created by using a pulse generator in conjunction with a random number generator. It created random pulses for every dimmer we had connected to it, which gave it an unpredictable, realistic, thunderstorm effect.

Thor hammer with LED lighting effect

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