Intelligent Building Automation for Special Applications

Loxone offers the flexibility needed to intelligently automate a wide variety of tasks in a variety of settings. The Loxone Miniserver, the heart of any installation, and its many extensions can work together to solve a multitude of problems. The Miniserver can optimize work processes and increase the profitability of your building while maintaining affordable cost and ease of use.

Lighting control

The Loxone Miniserver ensures manually switched or presence based lighting at production sites. If lighting is no longer required in certain areas, it is switched off automatically.

Temperature control

Whether in industrial production centers or in municipal buildings, room temperatures are monitored and controlled around the clock thanks to Loxone’s intelligent climate controller.

Access control

Protect areas of importance with individual access solution from Loxone. Thanks to the simple user management tool, personalized access can be tailored exactly to your needs.

Energy optimization

By recording and visualizing energy consumption data, the Loxone Miniserver can immediately identify potential for savings. You can reduce energy costs and increase the profitability of your projects through Loxone’s Energy Flow Manager visualization.

Powerful building blocks & logic for every automation task

Thanks to our powerful software solutions, you can manage the many requirements of your project. Loxone Config’s graphic programming interface and large selection of software modules enables simple and rapid implementation.

Wondering about the possibilities for custom automation needs? Here are some examples:

Automatic rain-dependent
irrigation of a sports field

Level monitoring and alarming
in a car wash

Temperature monitoring and control in a large butcher shop

Automated locking of dispensers in a gas station

Automated parking system

Server monitoring via periodic ping request with follow-up phone call if downtime is detected

Open interface description

Thanks to the open interface description of the Loxone Miniserver it is possible to develop complementary third party software solutions. For example, if you want a visualization of the building automation of Loxone that is specially designed and adapted to your needs, this is possible via the open API.

Integration & automation for the entire building

Loxone offers many open, freely configurable interfaces along with the flexibility of freely programmable system. The goal of our intelligent automation system is to network the entire building to work together as a comprehensive unit.

Smart ventilation and deaeration

Temperature & humidity recording

Warehouse lighting controls

Full scalability with room for expansion

Depending on the size of the object, several Miniservers can be combined in a network, this increases capacity and enables automation for larger buildings.

The gateway Miniserver combines each sub-area and forms a comprehensive system that can be controlled in the app. If any maintenance or expansion is needed, sub-areas will continue to run on their own. Due to the gateway/client relationship of the Miniservers, any updates can be done locally.

Your requirements in focus

Loxone has a wide range of open, freely configurable interfaces to connect every single building technology element to the Miniserver.
The following interfaces are available to you.

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