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Intelligent Access Control System

Loxone access control systems are easy to operate and manage and grant you global access control across many buildings. It is flexible, scalable, and offers maximum security. Welcome to the keyless world!

access control system

Implementing a keyless solution with the NFC Code Touch offers convenient and secure access through codes or encrypted tags that enable optional two-factor authentication (2FA). Say goodbye to lost keys and hello to intuitive access.

Access Without Limits

The Loxone access control system supports an unlimited number of users and doors, controls various entrances such as garage doors and lockers and provides detailed logs to monitor entry and exit times for every person who enters or leaves your home or business.

Powerful User and Rights Management

Our access control system enables comprehensive management of user right. It offers time-limited access, intuitive NFC tag and code management via, and synchronized access across multiple locations.

No matter your personal or business security and access needs, we’ve got you covered!


The Flexible Access System

The perfect access solution for your Loxone automation project! In combination with the NFC Code Touch, the Loxone Intercom creates an ultra-flexible and comprehensive access control system. Thanks to remote access and viewing, you are guaranteed to never to miss a visit again. Whether it’s friends or the mailman, you’ll always know who is at your door – no matter where you are!

Top Features for Intelligent Access to any Building

Access Levels &
Rights Management

With users and user groups, it is easy to control access rights on the Loxone user interface. In a home for example, rights management can provide adults with access to more sensitive functions like HVAC or security, while limiting children to lighting control for their bedrooms. Or in a commercial building, this could mean that access to the server room is only provided to employees in the IT department.

Loxone Trust

   Loxone Trust enables users to utilize credentials and access permissions across different properties and different Miniservers. This revolutionary solution offers global multi-site management of user data and is particularly useful for commercial buildings such as chain stores and restaurants. Maintain flexible control over access authorizations without the need to establish multiple security protocols.

building security and access control system

A Safe and Cost-Efficient Investment

Loxone access control systems eliminate the need for physical keys, reduces the risk of key duplication and loss, and enables centralized, flexible management with instant user deactivation. It integrates with security ecosystems to provide detailed monitoring and enhanced intrusion protection. In addition, the number of users is unlimited and there are no license fees.

Access & Security to Set
Your Mind at Ease in any Situation…

Adding a New User

Simply define a new NFC tag for the employee or household member and grant them access rights to the relevant areas.

An Employee or Child Loses an NFC Tag

You can deactivate the tag within a minute and anyone who finds it will no longer be able to enter your building. You can teach in a new NFC tag at the touch of a button.

Provide Access for One Visitor

You can easily create a one-time access code in advance that is only valid for the duration of the visit. You can do this when someone comes to your company for a meeting or your neighbor waters your flowers when you are on vacation.

Access for the Cleaning Staff

You assign the cleaning staff a code that only applies to the rooms they are allowed to enter and is limited in time.

Accommodate an Unexpected Guest

If no one is present and a mail carrier wants to deliver a package, you can open the door to reception or the garage remotely with just one click.

Don't Miss a Visit

With intercom integration, you can see who is ringing your doorbell from anywhere. Also, a snapshot of the visitor is created and saved so that you have a perfect overview of who came to see you.

Open Windows & Doors

When you leave the building, you are reminded if windows and doors are still open. You always have an overview of all windows and doors via our Loxone app.

Do Not Disturb

If you don’t want to be disturbed, the doorbell remains silent and your lighting flashes to informs you of visitors

...and many other features

Loxone Access Control Products

Whether entrance gate, garage, or front door – Loxone offers the right access control system for every access point. Our perfectly networked products make your life easier every day.

The access options, such as with an NFC fob or intercom, do not stop at the front door. Our semi-detached house also has NFC code touches at the technical entrances and in the study. I can set up numerical codes for individual doors and limit their validity. With the user-defined access, the gardener can get exactly where he needs to go. 
The use of intercom, which allows us to communicate with the letter carrier, is very nice. We can open the gate or garage for him remotely so that he can leave the parcel on the spot, even if we are not at home.«

Alex Kubin


An important requirement of mine was to control visitors’ access to the building after booking via the booking portals – without the need for staff to be present to hand over the keys. I now have all access to the building and the apartments controlled via NFC Code Touches. This way, I can simply create a code and send it to the guests, giving them access to the areas they need. After departure, the code combination can be deleted and a new one simply created for the next guests. With the Loxone app, I have control over the property from anywhere. «

Igor Dolezal

Guesthouse LaBouda, Owner

Cross-Brand Functionality

We are proud to work with security partners. This cross-brand functionality makes Loxone the ideal security solution for every building.

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