Hotel automation at the Gasthof Post

10/23/2019 in Case Studies
In an Austrian resort town renowned for its winter sports and first-class facilities, the historic Gasthof Post offers unique hotel experiences to its guests with Loxone automation. Both inside the guest rooms and the award-winning restaurant, the entire establishment runs more efficiently with Loxone technology. Follow along and find out what tasks the hotel takes care of on its own…

Automation possibilities
for unique hotel experiences

At Gasthof Post, you can see how versatile a Loxone system becomes for a wide range of tasks – lighting, music, temperature, and more. The building is reliably automated for all guest rooms, the restaurant and even the pool. Below you can find some of the owner’s favorite functions for his business operated by Loxone: 

In the guest rooms: energy efficiency in hotels

In the guest rooms, lighting and temperature are regulated efficiently no matter if a room is occupied or not. When there is no guest staying, the system will know that the room should run in Energy Saving Mode – temperature lowered, lights off, power guzzlers switched off. Or perhaps there is a guest in the room and a window is left open, the Door & Window Contact Sensor will realize this and then the system is intelligent enough to avoid extra heating or cooling efforts.

If an 1-Wire Key is used by an employee upon entry, this signals to the system that the room should prepare itself for the cleaning staff instead of a guest. A staff member will be welcomed by brighter lighting and silence for efficient cleaning conditions instead of a special lighting mood and music that would be set to welcome guests. With this 1-Wire Key, employees also get special access like pool control or ability to monitor freezer rooms.

A highlight to the hotel’s energy-saving efforts is energy produced by solar panels. At any time in the Loxone App, an administrative user can view electricity production and consumption. 

Another bonus? An electric car-charging station for guests! 

In the restaurant: monitoring food storage conditions

The restaurant is known for its culinary delicacies, which of course, rely on proper food storage of the freshest ingredients. Temperature in the refrigerator and freezer rooms are continuously monitored and recorded. A key player in this process is the 1-Wire Temperature Sensor. This data gets logged and filed for easy access when an inspector comes knocking – much easier and reliable than recording by hand.

If the temperature ever falls outside of the required range, designated users in the app will be immediately notified. 

While I was on vacation, I got a warning on my cell phone. The freezer stopped cooling. I immediately called a technician and was able to give him remote access to the building to repair it that day. If I hadn’t been notified this way, all of the stored food would have been spoiled and wasted – a huge loss for us.

Johannes Doneus

Owner & Managing Director, Gasthof Post


Defined access rights for employees and deliveries

A top concern was the automatic opening and closing of the restaurant’s entrance door, as well as access for employees and couriers. With defined access parameters, this makes it possible for deliveries to take place outside of business hours. For employees, they receive their own exclusive access rights. 

Tip for Loxone Partners:

There are five Miniservers used to control the entire building. All are connected to one network. Learn more about configuring multiple Miniservers for a commercial project.

Photos by: Helene Gell

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Possibilities for any business

True automation by Loxone improves energy efficiency in hotels, offices and businesses of all types. Explore the possibilities for projects of any type and size:

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