Lighting, Music, Shading, Security, Temperature…

The Loxone App puts control of the entire smart building’s functionality directly in your hand. No matter if you’re in the building or on the go. The most powerful visualization and simplest control – completely free.

One app for it all

On any iPhone or Android, tablet or wearable, you can control it all instantly. In any home, restaurant, office building…

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Smart Home App - App Store
Smart Home App - App Store
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Free updates

Just like our product range for building automation, our software is constantly growing and improving. You can always stay up-to-date with free updates.

100% fits any lifestyle

Totally customizable. Sort and rate functions, create Quick Actions and more.

Stay informed by Push Notifications
Alarm activated. Temperature exceeded. Receive free push notifications for iOS, Android and even Watch Os or Android Wear Os.
Quick Actions
With Quick Actions (iOS) and Shortcuts (Android) you can perform important functions quicker than ever. You can navigate to an app without even having to open the app first.

Automatic Designer

Automatic Designer

Set rules with custom “if this, then do that” logic right in the app. Set lighting scenes, alarms, or heating schedules without complex programming.

Next-level features

For the tech savvy, numerous settings and functions can be created and customized in the Loxone App.

Loxone Config

The new Config 14 includes new practical features as well as more performance and stability updates than any Config ever before!