Config 10.2

Config 10.2

The most powerful home automation software

Let us introduce you to your ultimate tool for planning any type of building automation project: Loxone Config. It provides ready-to-install smart home functionality that can help you save significant time during smart home configuration. The best part? It’s easier to use than any other home automation software. Just click and drag components – no additional complex programming knowledge required. Plus, it’s free to us as a Loxone Partner.

Highlights of our current version Loxone Config 10.2:

Created with user experience in mind, V10.2 is even more time-saving – both in the office and on-site when preparing your customers’ smart home configurations.

Project planning

Pairing Tree & Air

Lighting groups

Device status

System status

Project planning

You can now plan and quote your automation project quicker than ever. The ability to search for and replace planned products helps you see and customize your parts list.

Pairing Air & Tree

We made it easier to pair and assign both Tree & Air devices to save time while installing the entire system.. 

Lighting grouping

Configure your Loxone project with clarity and flexibility by combining individual lighting products. This makes lighting control simple and flexible for the homeowner or business owner too. 

Device status

User experience and clarity were taken even further with the ability to see current device status directly in the configuration tree.

System status

Just like you rely on warning lights in your car’s dashboard, you can now rely on important warnings from your smart home or building. For example, receive a signal when a devices becomes offline, if temperature falls to dangerous levels, etc. New messages are now available and select user groups will be notified.

100+ smart home functions blocks

With 100,000+ Loxone Smart Homes and commercial buildings installed across the world, we have plenty of experience put into the development and improvements of our Loxone Config. Our pre-programmed function blocks make configuration a breeze for any size and type of project – with functions like intelligent lighting control and automatic shading all the way to energy management with solar integration and beyond. 

Lighting control

Room controller

Automated blinds

Integrated burglar alarm

Music Server Zone

Energy monitor

Schedule / timer

Intercom & access control

Sauna control

Central communication

Car charging

Alarm clock

Maintenance alert

Natural light

Temperature control

Heat & water alarm


Custom logic


80+ more possibilities

50,000 less tasks, more time to enjoy life:

Using Auto Config

Handle basic functions like lighting or music, as well as how they appear on your smartphone or tablet. With just one click, you’ll get a basic smart home configuration designed with Loxone standards & recommendations. From there, a Loxone Partner can implement specific needs to create your dream smart home or commercial project in hours – not days, just hours. 

Intuitive programming

Screenshot direkt aus der Loxone Config Smart Home Software

Unlike any other home automation software, Loxone Config is actually simple and easy to implement for any size project without needing any previous complicated programming knowledge. Simply drag & drop functions and ready-made modules. 

Project Analysis – like spell check for your project configuration

The Project Analysis feature reliably reviews your configuration as well as key points such as your password strength, unused objects or light circles, convertible objects and even offers help with stats. Finish each configuration knowing you had another eye on your work.

Faster configuration with Simulation & Live View

Before implementing your project configuration for real, you can test it out first with Simulation mode. With Live View, you can monitor the building as it’s running so you can immediately see how it’s operating even without being on site.

Free updates

Our software improves with every update. We continuously test and expand our software based on market feedback. We’re always exploring new features and functionality for all Loxone Smart Homes and commercial buildings to come. 

Let’s talk about
your next project

Interested in the time-saving possibilities with Loxone? We are happy to answer any questions you may have about planning your next smart home or commercial project, or becoming a Loxone Partner to get started.

Kathryn Flick

Head of Lead Development

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