Loxone Standards &

To help guide users to an enhanced lifestyle, Loxone’s standards & recommendations for smarter living can be adapted into homes, apartments, hotels and more commercial buildings. All in an effort to relieve users of 50,000 tasks per year while improving all-around comfort, security and energy efficiency. With the experience of 120,000+ Loxone projects, it remains tried and true that following simple standards are preferred for most cases.

The essentials
in each room

Functions for the most intuitive control of any building:


Is the room occupied? This is a key influence on the behavior of the room’s components. Lighting, heating, security and more – we recommend at least one Presence Sensor.


Everything works automatically as it should. For when your needs change, we recommend one control element in each room to adjust your lighting, shading or music when needed.

Temperature &
air quality

Room climate is regulated without needing a smart thermostat. A simple Touch switch, with built-in temperature and humidity sensor, keeps you comfortable.

Intelligent ventilation

The air that surrounds you affects your well-being. This is why ventilation control helps automatically supply fresh air when needed.

Detecting open
doors & windows

Depending on the status of doors and windows – monitored by Door & Window Contact Sensors – the building will know how to respond by controlling efforts for heating, security and more.


Instant control in the Loxone App offers convenience of intelligent functions at your fingertips. Push notifications alert users of alarms, potential dangers and more.

The Loxone
Switch Standard

Less is more here. By designing switches with fewer buttons,
their operation becomes more clear for everyone.

Touch Pure with defined points


Just a tap on the large central area will switch your lighting mood. A tap on the top or bottom left corner will raise or lower blinds, respectively. The same goes for control of music on the right corners to raise or lower the volume.


When you’re leaving a room, a double-tap in the center is all you need to shut off the lights and connected devices in the room. If you double-tap the top right corner for music, it will change the music source. To switch off music again, you can double-tap the bottom right corner.


A triple-tap activates the “House-off” function. This means the entire building will go into a sleep mode by switching all lights off, disconnecting standby devices and arming the alarm system.

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