Revolutionary Smart Home Software

Experience revolutionary smart home power with our comprehensive software tools.

Everything with 
just a touch

Life in a Loxone Smart Home is like flying on autopilot. It takes care of manual tasks efficiently and how you want them while you simply live comfortably. If you want to make instant changes, just a tap on a Touch switch, smartphone or tablet.

Ultimate configuration tool 
for your smart home project

With Loxone Config, your smart home configuration is created and loaded onto your Miniserver, the heart of the Loxone Smart Home.

Loxone Config provides ready-made building blocks for all the functions you need for life in a smart home, and our drag-and-drop tool makes it really easy to use too. This is what makes our Loxone Config so unique and the most powerful smart home software on the market.

Future-proof with endless possibilities 

The Loxone Smart Home can do even more. With our online services, your smart home can be enhanced with additional features at any time. Get accurate weather forecasts, get a call from your home if there’s an emergency, access your home from all over the world, and more.

Get accurate weather forecasts

Weather Service

Get a call from your home if there's an emergency

Caller Service

The Loxone Smart Home can do even more
…and more

Under the green box: Loxone OS

The first and most powerful smart home operating system. No Linux. No modified standard OS. High performance and tailor-made, designed and developed by us at Loxone.

Loxone OS has been specially developed for smart homes and is 100% designed for the highest performance with the Miniserver.

Loxone OS - The Loxone Smart Home Software for the Miniserver