Loxone’s hardware and software are designed to work in perfect harmony. Our free software, specially created for the configuration and visualization of Loxone home and building automation projects, is truly unique on the market.

The Loxone iceberg demonstrating the 15% hardware and 85% software product split

Loxone Config

The ultimate tool for your home and building automation projects.

Open laptop with the Loxone Config software on the screen

Loxone Config helps our Loxone Partners to create individual project configurations. It provides ready-made building blocks for essential intelligent automation functions. Its user-friendly operation simplifies the configuration of complex projects so they can be done in just hours, not days. This is what makes Loxone Config so unique and the most powerful software for home and building automation.

Loxone App

A single app that gives an overview of the entire smart home and building automation system. All smart features can be viewed and controlled via one user-friendly interface.

Smartphones, smart watches and tablets showing different screens from the Loxone App

With the Loxone App, you can control all automated features, create beautiful lighting scenes and stay informed about the status of your building anytime from anywhere. Our application software’s growing range of smart features allows you to create processes through intelligent automation, commission Loxone products with ease, manage users and much more. The Loxone App works on both Android or iPhone smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Online Services

Loxone’s Online Services enhance your intelligent building with additional services and data sourced directly from the internet. All of our Online Services are 100% secure with full consideration for your privacy. None of your information leaves the building – everything is between you and your Miniserver. This is how we stay true to our motto: “My house, my data”. Enrich your Loxone automation system with our Online Services to get even more out of your smart home and building.

Five Loxone Online Services demonstrated on iPhones

Loxone Library

Thanks to the flexibility and openness of the Loxone system, you can develop your own templates using our interfaces and make them available for others to use in the Loxone Library. Learn how to integrate your Loxone products into our software and become a developer in our community.

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