Custom automation for special tasks in commercial properties

Tailored to the needs of your unique building project, Loxone offers the flexibility and variety to reliably automate your tasks and processes. With the Miniserver working at the core of any project, it intelligently optimizes work processes and increases efficiency of the building.

Warehouse space with bright lighting


Der Loxone Miniserver sorgt an Produktionsstätten stets für die bedarfsgerechte Ausleuchtung. Sollte die Beleuchtung in gewissen Bereichen nicht mehr benötigt werden, so wird diese automatisiert abgeschaltet.


Egal ob in industriellen Produktionshallen oder in Kommunalbauten, dank der intelligenten Automatisierungslösung von Loxone werden Raumtemperaturen rund um die Uhr überwacht und geregelt.


Schützen Sie spezielle Bereiche mithilfe der individuellen Zutrittslösung von Loxone. Dank der einfachen Benutzerverwaltung und der freien Konfiguration, kann der personalisierte Zutritt exakt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse abgestimmt werden.


Durch die Aufzeichnung und visuelle Darstellung aller Verbrauchsdaten, erkennt der Loxone Miniserver, umgehend Einsparungspotenzial. Senken Sie ihre Energiekosten und steigern Sie somit die Wirtschaftlichkeit Ihrer Industrie- und Kommunalprojekte.

Personalized solutions for specific needs

Solve specific needs for automation starting with powerful software solutions. With our simple programming tools in Loxone Config, you can easily configure all your solutions quicker than others in the industry with the expertise of a Loxone Partner.

Configuration example

Wondering about the possibilities for custom automation needs? Here are some examples:

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Automatic rain-dependent irrigation of a football field

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Monitoring and alarm in a car wash

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Temperature monitoring and control in a large butcher shop

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Automated locking of dispensers in a gas station

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Automated parking system

Server monitoring via periodic ping request with follow-up phone call if downtime is detected

Ambient Assisted Living community socializing

Featured application: Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

Especially for Assisted Living facilities, and even hotels or other commercial properties, it’s increasingly important to accommodate for anyone at any age whom may have a disability. AAL products become fully integrated into the complete system with lighting, alarms and more.

Integration & automation for the entire building

Loxone offers many open, freely configurable interfaces along with the flexibility of freely programmable system The goal of our intelligent automation system is to network the entire building to work together as a comprehensive unit.

Full scalability with room for expansion

As the size of the project increases, so does the number of Miniservers needed. This increases capacity and enables automation for larger buildings. The gateway Miniserver combines each sub-area and forms a comprehensive system that can all be controlled in the app.

If any maintenance or expansion is needed, sub-areas will continue to run on their own. Due to the gateway/client relationship of the Miniservers, any updates can be done locally.

Miniserver structure diagram
Miniserver structure diagram

Interfaces for your technology needs

Loxone has a wide range of open, freely configurable interfaces that can easily integrate with technology in the building. Integrate with the following interfaces:

List of various interfaces

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