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Loxone Smart Home

Even the best of explanations can’t do justice to what it is like living in a smart home.
So we’ve created various ways for you to immerse yourself in the world of Loxone.
This way, you can better understand the benefits of a Real Smart Home.

Watch our Loxone Smart Home Video Tour.
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Watch our Loxone Smart Home Video Tour

Find the best way to experience Loxone

Depending on your location, we can help you find the most convenient way to take a tour of a Loxone Real Smart Home. Good news is, we’re expanding our Experience Center spaces! You can come visit us at our Loxone US Headquarters Experience Center, take a tour at a Loxone Partner Showroom, or even schedule a personal video tour.

 Loxone US Experience Center

  Garnet Valley, PA – See what a Loxone solution is capable of in any smart home, 
  and even an office setting, right within our US headquarters location.

 Loxone Partner Showroom

  Whitestone, NY – Our first Loxone-certified Showroom by Loxone Partner InHomeGenius.      The NYC area can now appreciate the benefits of true home automation.

 Video Tour

  Location TBD – One of our smart home experts will walk you through a Real Smart Home      and provide an in-depth overview of smart home features and functions.

 More locations coming soon…

  Contact us – Want to build your own Loxone Showroom? We will give you full support            every step of the way. A Loxone-certified Showroom is the next step to fulfilling the
  highest potential of your business.

“Taking the tour and seeing the products first-hand helped solidify my choice to choose Loxone as the replacement home automation system in my home. Thanks to the entire Loxone company for great products, service and a fantastic home automation experience.”Neal Charydczak

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insightful interviews, and even a breakdown
of how to save 50,000 tasks in the home per year.

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