Behind the scenes of our Audioserver photoshoot

09/08/2020 in Backstage
Photography is all about what you capture. Sometimes you have a great idea but the final results fail at capturing it, and sometimes, you’ve got all the means necessary for producing great photos but you’re missing the idea. Luckily for us, at our photoshoot for the Audioserver release, these two factors interplayed perfectly. Our photoshoot really showed the power of the Audioserver with flying colors. Explosive, yet discreet.

The Idea

For a product release as important as that of the Audioserver, what you see is what you get in this photoshoot: power. Delivering the sheer amount of power for any speaker – in such a small form factor that fits on a standard DIN-Rail – the Audioserver is clearly captured as explosive yet discreet. This means you see the effects in explosive colors but do not see the product itself in the making of this photoshoot. (The power behind the speaker shown comes from the DIN rail mounted Audioserver.) With a new color (purple) added to our Loxone palette for the Audioserver, we wanted to expand for our photoshoot as well.

The preparation

The Audioserver and a Loxone Speaker were the key components. This is where the power starts. Moreover, we needed great camera equipment. We used a professional camera, tripods and flashes available at Loxone. The last thing we needed was the set. After some discussion, we chose the garage at our Loxone Basecamp. Light was easily controlled here without any windows. Did you notice the Loxone Smart Beer crates? They even made it in to complete the set-up. All beer is supplied by a nearby brewery, Smart Brewery Hofstetten.

backstage photoshoot setup
Exploding colors photoshoot testing Audioserver

The first test

As we didn’t want to ruin our speaker with exploding colors just yet, we lined it with plastic film. In hindsight, that turned out to be a mistake. The photos from our test shooting were already so amazing, the only thing that bothered us was the plastic film. Well…

And action…

As a learning process, we had to build our set again – this time without any plastic film. Fortunately, the photos were as beautiful as the ones from our first test, if not more. Just to give it a try, we added even more colors. After we were finished with our photoshoot, the only thing left to do was hand the files over to our graphic design department to work their Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop magic on them.

Photoshoot result from Audioserver with exploding colors

We couldn’t miss the chance for a slo-mo video either…

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