Automated blinds & smart shading with simple control

Blinds know how to to coordinate with the sun and custom schedules for cost-effective heating and more.

Smart teamwork between devices maximizes energy savings.

Smart shading with Hunter Douglas blinds

Automated blinds & smart shading for smart homes

Offering more than just shade and privacy, automated blinds will know when to raise or lower on their own. Save on energy when it comes to heating and lighting while you gain more security features.

Manual control is still possible and simple from one app or switch – with fewer buttons and more flexible options to control blinds together.

Our tip: Control any type of shading, including your favorite Hunter Douglas window treatments, with Loxone.

Automated blinds & smart shading for commercial

Blinds can become controlled to not only save energy on heating costs, but also maintain a safe, productive working environment. Automated blinds respond intelligently to natural lighting levels to support employees’ focus and energy levels without extra effort.

There can be different settings for operation during business hours and after business hours. For example, blinds lower when the last employee leaves.

Our tip: Blinds can also play a role in security and raise themselves to expose a potential intruder detected by sensors.

Automated blinds in office room

Features & benefits

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Savings & comfort in any season

Blinds will know how to work effectively, letting in more or less sunlight, to maintain temperature and lower energy costs.

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Adjusts based on time of day

As the sun goes up or down, so will your blinds. So you always wake up in tune to natural light and go to sleep with privacy.

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Presence simulation while you’re away

Even if you’re on vacation, your shading system will know how to operate along with lighting to make it look as if the home is empty.

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Works with any type of shading

Easily control venetian blinds, roller blinds, hurricane shutters, awnings and more.

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Flexible grouping for simple control

Choose which individual blinds should be controlled as one unit, or separately.

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Storm protection

Finally, an outdoor shading control solution that’s designed for the elements. Instant weather data tells blinds when to retract to prevent damage.


Products for smart shading control

Working along with sensors, weather data, HVAC systems and more, your shading system uses its fullest potential with our complete product range.

Devices know how to control blinds according to your specified settings

View current position of blinds, and move them, in the Loxone App.

HVAC system and shading control work together for cost-effective heating

Products work not only for sun protection, but also security, heating & cooling

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