Automated Shading

with a Brain.
Not just Up & Down.

Save on Energy.

Automated shading systems adapt to the position of the sun and optimize utilization of the sun’s energy. They work together with your heating or cooling system to bring your home or buisness to the ideal temperature, maximizing comfort while minimizing energy use. Automated shading also ensures ideal brightness in every room, reducing your dependancy on artificial lighting.

Automated Blinds
Automated Storm Shutters


(University of Graz, Austria)


(U.S. Department of Energy)


(Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

A woman demonstrating residential automated shades

Protect the People that Matter Most

Automated shades can…

… ensure privacy by preventing people from looking in at night.

… prevent people from being locked out on the balcony or terrace.

 … create escape routes in the event of a fire or other emergency.

… open when the patio or balcony door is opened.

… integrate into existing alarm system according to individual need.


automated blinds moving up and down

Protect your Home or Business.

Thanks to automation…

… protect shading
from storms.

… protect shades
from frost & cold weather damage.

… simulate presence when no one is in the building.

… expose burglars & home invaders and scare them off.

Simple. Anytime & anywhere.

home and building automation control

Your central, universal control system
You’re always in control of your home or business. Loxone automated shading is conveniently operated via app, PC or, if prefer, via traditional push-buttons and remote control. Thanks to the miniserver-based solution; control, diagnostics, and service can also be carried out any time, anywhere.

Simple, Intuitive, Automatic  
Planning, configuring and operating intelligent shading systems is easy. For all brands or types of shading. With our project planning, Loxone Config and the Loxone app, we make it easy for everyone involved.

automated shades for luxury living

Perfect for any Project

Whether a smart home, an office, a warehouse or a residential complex – whatever stage of construction your project is at, we offer a wide range of intelligent shading solutions to meet your needs.

automated shades for business

Shading with Blinds

Internal and external Venetian blinds and are perfect for optimizing and harnessing solar energy thanks to their movable slats.

Shading with Roller Shutters

Roller shutters offer the best natural lighting control, the most secure burglary protection, and are nearly impervious to wind and weather.

Shading with Awnings

Awnings offer protection from direct sunlight. Their sensitivity to wind requires the kind storm protection that shading automation provides.

Holzlamellen und intelligent gesteuerte Textilscreens für optimale Beschattung in einem Büro

Other types of Shading

Pleated blinds, awnings, vertical blinds, patios or winter gardens… Loxone integrates with any type of shading.

Recommended Solutions

Smart Shading
for New Buildings

Automate Existing

Frontansicht des Loxone Nano 2 Relay Tree

Nano 2 Relay Tree

Our Nano 2 Relay Tree is a must-have in any new smart building. This little green genius fully integrates any type of shading into your building automation system. And with the simplest possible installation: almost no wiring, automatic end position detection, and intuitive commissioning.

Shading Actuator Air

Our Shading Actuator Air fully integrates your shading into your building automation system thanks to its standardized Hirschmann connector and compact design that fits into any shutter box. Communication is extremely reliable thanks to our wireless Loxone Air technology.

Bestehende Beschattung automatisieren

Shading Actuator Air

Unser Shading Acutator Air integriert dank standardisiertem Hirschmann-Stecker und kompakter Bauweise, die in jeden Jalousie-Kasten passt, Ihre Beschattung vollständig in Ihr Gebäudeautomationssystem. Die Kommunikation funktioniert zuverlässig dank unserer drahtlosen Loxone Air-Technologie.

Other Smart Shading Solutions

For New Construction

For Retrofit Projects

Nano Motor Controller Tree & Air

Relay Extension

Nano IO Air

Relay Extension

Relay Extension

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Rohrmotor SOLIDLine Air

Nano IO Air

Discover Versatile Automation Solutions with Loxone

With Loxone, automate your building’s entire range of technology. The advantage: all functions are integrated intuitively and compactly in one simple to use automation system. This creates synergies that add up to more than the sum of all parts in terms of cost savings, energy efficiency and convenience.

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