Lighting Control.
like life itself.

When lighting makes an impression

Transform any room into a unique experience through the art of intelligent lighting control. But it’s not just about lighting. It’s about creating an extraordinary atmosphere that elevates our lives and every building to a new level.
The right lighting design plays a major role in effective and impressive lighting. You can find all the information on lighting design in our blog.
Beleuchtung der Hotelrezeption
Lichtwechsel der Beleuchtung eines Esszimmers

lighting scenes

Visually appealing light sources contribute to a pleasant room climate – but the real magic of Loxone lighting control happens behind the hardware: with the software. Combine different lights, colors and dimming levels to create unique lighting scenes. Numerous different features get the most out of any lighting and turn light into an experience.
Lichtwechsel der Beleuchtung eines Esszimmers
Beeindruckende Beleuchtung in einem Restaurant

Where light becomes an experience

With Loxone, your lighting becomes an individual trademark that reflects the special nature of your building.

More than just
“On” and “Off”

Customized Lighting Scenes

Create customized lighting scenes for the right feel-good atmosphere. Whether at home, in the office or to visualize the brand identity in business.

Presence-Controlled Lighting

The lighting switches on and off automatically via presence detectors and based on measured daylight.

Alarm Features

Special light signals alert you in the event of smoke or burglary, for example. Your lighting also informs you of visitors if you have switched the doorbell to silent.

Constant Lighting Control

The right lighting in commercial premises promotes the performance and motivation of your employees. With Loxone, the illuminance can also be kept constant for an optimal working environment.

Openness to Interfaces

Thanks to numerous interfaces, you can integrate almost any light source via DALI, DMX or other lighting technologies.

Energy-Saving Helper

If nobody is in the room, the light is automatically deactivated. Or switch off all light sources with a double or triple tap.

Fade-In, Fade-Out

With the fade-in and fade-out feature, the light switches on and off very slowly. This is gentler on the eye and creates impressive transitions for a better sense of well-being.

Night Light & Alarm Clock Feature

When you get up at night, your lighting accompanies you on your nightly journey with gently dimmed light. In the morning, your lighting wakes you up with a gentle fade-in when you switch it on, ensuring a better sense of well-being.

Presence Simulation

If you are not at home, on company holiday break… control your lights as if you were there. Burglars will suspect your presence and be deterred.

Intelligent Lighting Control – Contactless and Intuitive

Loxone Touch Pure zur Steuerung von Beleuchtung

Manual Control

Thanks to the Loxone Switch Standard, light switches as we used to know them are no longer necessary. Switch conveniently through your created lighting scenes or mix them into the existing lighting by pressing the middle touch point of our Loxone Touches. Double-tap to deactivate the room and thus also the light.
Loxone Touch Pure zur Steuerung von Beleuchtung
Loxone Präsenzmelder zur Lichtsteuerung


Generally, the lighting in a building automated with Loxone controls itself entirely on the basis of detected presence or individually created operating modes. The hero: The Loxone Presence Detector.
Lichtsteuerung durch die Loxone App

Lighting Control via App

Changing lighting scenes, adjusting the color of the lighting, changing the dimming level and much more can be done with just a few clicks in the Loxone App.
The app is available free of charge for smartphone, tablet or PC.
Lichtsteuerung über die Loxone App

Elegant & Energy-Efficient: Our Lighting Elements

No matter which of our products – we attach great importance to quality. That’s why we develop our products ourselves. In addition to design and luminosity, we pay great attention to the low power consumption of the lamps.

Intelligent Lighting Control
Without Limits

Even with different light sources, Loxone brings the right light into every corner of your building. In addition to our own products, countless third-party providers can be integrated into the system via numerous open interfaces.


Our range of universal dimmers enables gentle dimming of any light source. Whether LED, halogen, light bulb or LED strip.


In addition to our Tree technology, Loxone also supports standards such as DMX and DALI for digital lighting control. In addition, DALI Air enables the simple integration of up to 10 DALI devices.

Miniserver & Extensions

All lamps of any type can be connected using the Miniserver interfaces and numerous extensions.

Tree & Air

In addition to direct control of the Loxone Tree luminaires, our 24V dimmer can also be used to control other luminaires.

Intelligent Lighting Control for Every Building

Beleuchtung durch Loxone in einem Wohnzimmer

Lighting control
for the home

Combine different lamps, light intensities and colors to create individual lighting moods and create a unique feel-good atmosphere.

Beleuchtung durch Loxone in einem Wohnzimmer
Beeindruckende Casinobeleuchtung automatisiert mit Loxone

Lighting control
for your business

No matter how diverse the lighting control requirements are – thanks to numerous interfaces, such as DALI and DMX, you can integrate almost any light source.

In the Spotlight:
These Projects Speak for Themselves

Beleuchtung im Restaurant mit Loxone

lighting projects

Come with us to Germany’s largest casino in Berlin, the largest stadium in the Czech Republic, the trendy Urban Hawker food hall and the event location Auditorium of the Loxone Campus.

Beleuchtung im Restaurant mit Loxone

Powerful brands that opt for Loxone






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Logo Mandarin Oriental
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