Weather Service

Information on activating your Loxone Weather Service.


In order for the Weather Service to work, it needs to be inserted within the Loxone Config software.

Firstly, click on a blank space anywhere on your configuration page to display a group of buttons titled “Common”, where you will find a button called “Loxone Weather”.
Click on this to insert a Weather Server in your periphery tree.

weather service activeren

In order for the weather data to be accurate to the location of the Miniserver, it is important to set a location within the properties of the project.
Once entered, the Geo-coordinates will then be automatically calculated. It is important that the Miniserver has a working internet connection for this to be calculated correctly.

In the same properties list, you can also specify the preferred unit type for the weather data being used.

loxone weather service instellen

Once you have added in the Weather Service, it is important that you Save in Miniserver to ensure weather data will be received and updated.


Rel. Humidity
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Air Pressure
Perceived Temperature
Weather Type1 = Clear
2 = Bright
3 = Cloudy
4 = Very cloudy
5 = Overcast
6 = Fog
7 = Low Fog
8 = Not used
9 = Not used
10 = Light rain
11 = Rain
12 = Heavy rain
13 = Drizzle
14 = Light freezing rain
15 = Heavy freezing rain
16 = Light rain showers
17 = Heavy rain showers
18 = Thunderstorm
19 = Heavy thunderstorm
20 = Light snow
21 = Snow
22 = Heavy snow
23 = Light snow showers
24 = Strong snow showers
25 = Light sleet
26 = Sleet
27 = Heavy sleet
28 = Light sleet showers
29 = Heavy sleet showers
Time Weather DataThe time of last received weather data
Last Weather Forecast UpdateThe time of last received weather forecast
Weather Data ErrorON when there has been an error receiving weather data
Error Weather Forecast DataON when there has been an error receiving weather forecast
RadiationRadiation risk classification 0-3 (solar constant).
Class 0: 0-20%
Class 1: 20-40%
Class 2: 40-60%
Class 3: 60-100%
100% corresponds to 1376 W/m2

The current weather data is updated every hour (+5 to 10 minutes). Forecast data are updated 4 times a day at 2am, 8am, 2pm & 8pm (+10 to 40 minutes).

Every time the Miniserver restarts, it will immediately update its current weather data and weather forecast.


It is possible to dispaly weather forecasts with the weather server.

weersvoorspelling loxone

Select which data type the forecast will display.

voorspelling temperatuur en meer

It is now possible to select the timescale of the forecast data.

weather service