Loxone Automation Hits New York Times Square

Jasmin Kiss
06/07/2023 in Case Studies

Welcome to Urban Hawker, a captivating project brought to life by Optimal Systems in the heart of Times Square, Manhattan. Join us on an exciting journey through the innovative application of Loxone’s cutting-edge building automation solutions. From automatic lighting control to remote energy monitoring, Urban Hawker sets the stage for a transformative dining experience while maximizing energy efficiency.

The Full Power of Building Automation in NYC

This Urban Hawker food hall, located in the bustling NY Times Square, stands as a shining example of Loxone’s capabilities in building automation. The project seamlessly integrates automatic lighting, efficient ventilation, remote control capabilities, and detailed energy monitoring.

By optimizing energy usage and enhancing the dining experience, Loxone empowers businesses to achieve new levels of efficiency and sustainability.

Here are some of the amazing features that were implemented:

Efficient Energy Management 

With the Loxone energy management system comes efficient control solutions and comprehensive monitoring for ventilation, exhaust fans, food storage, indoor climate and fresh air intake. With Loxone’s technology, the entire ecosystem operates optimally, ensuring a comfortable environment for Urban Hawker’s patrons and employees.

Via the user-friendly app, the owner can conveniently access real-time system status and make adjustments from anywhere in the world.

Adaptable Energy Monitoring 

One of the standout features of this project is the detailed energy consumption monitoring of every individual booth. Loxone’s advanced solution allows for accurate tracking and recording of energy flows.

The restaurant owner can find comprehensive statistics for each booth at any time via the Loxone App, enabling them to identify patterns, optimize energy usage, and plan for the future. What’s even better is that there are no monthly fees associated with this service, setting it apart from other solutions in the market.

Seamless Lighting Control

At this Urban Hawker food hall, lighting control is seamlessly integrated into the ambiance, enhancing the atmosphere without guests even noticing. Thanks to Loxone’s intelligent system, the lighting changes effortlessly throughout the day, following pre-programmed schedules.

No manual intervention is required, providing a hassle-free experience for both guests and staff. If wanted though, the ambient lighting can be changed manually through the Loxone App.

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