New: AC Control Air

Jasmin Kiss
06/06/2023 in Technology

The AC Control Air integrates air conditioning systems from leading manufacturers easily, quickly and seamlessly into your home and building automation. Thanks to the intelligent control of the air conditioning units, comfort can be significantly increased and energy consumption reduced by more than 30% at the same time. Energy-efficient climate management has never been easier.

By 2050, the number of air conditioners will increase from 1.5 billion currently to 3.5 billion. If you let each of them run for only 4 hours a day, this corresponds to a consumption of almost 13 billion kWh per day, based on conservative calculations! This, in turn, causes the unimaginable amount of 6.3 billion kg of CO2.

Intelligent air conditioning control with AC Control Air can reduce this consumption by 30%, thus significantly reducing costs and increasing comfort at the same time.

The AC Control Air supports a growing number of air conditioning units from different manufacturers. Check compatibility with our online configurator in the shop.


The following functions can be implemented with the AC Control Air:
  • Easy ability to turn it on & off from the Loxone app
  • Simple setting of the target temperature
  • Mode selection easy and to hand
  • Can select fan speed
  • Can select air flow direction
  • Sleep / pause timer
  • Link to door & window contacts
  • Load shedding


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