The Coats Residence

10/19/2017 in Case Studies
This Loxone Smart Home is more than just breathtaking; it’s the perfect combination of open design, high ceilings, unique art, comfort, and smart home technology. The homeowners, Rob and his wife Johnna, planted their roots in Kentucky 30 years ago, but recently built the home of their dreams. When planning their new home, both Rob and Johnna had their own unique ideas, and with Loxone Partner Kurt Korfhage from Integration Unlimited, they were able to create the exact environment they wanted with a truly impressive touch.


The Highlight: Onyx Marble

Onyx is a unique stone that can be used for countertops in the kitchen. “We were familiar with onyx and the fact that it’s translucent, so we wanted to be able to see light from behind it. With the help of Kurt, our Loxone Partner, we were able to turn this stone into a work of art.”– Rob, Homeowner


Delightful – all in all

“When we were building our new house it was clear to me that we will have Loxone LED lights throughout the house. I don’t want to climb a ladder just to change a lightbulb when they eventually burn out.” For this reason, in addition to the tremendous energy efficiency of LEDs, the Coats Residence uses LED strips throughout the home. The Coats family enjoys beautiful ambient lighting throughout: in the kitchen to highlight the onyx, the counters and the backsplash, underneath the outdoor area, behind the onyx stones in the bathroom, at the outdoor bar and much, much more.


“We have a lot of lighting circuits. It would take us about 20 minutes to get the lights turned on each day. So lighting scenes, which turn on automatically when you enter a room are the perfect solution.” – Rob

“Our visitors are impressed each time – thanks to the lighting design we have. At the beginning, I was skeptical about using automated lights, but now I would not want to miss the comfort we have. I don’t have to worry about turning on and off lights.” – Johnna

The Wine Corner

Another unique feature in the Coats Residence is the wine corner. It shows the different wine areas where Rob and Johnna have been in the world and they even hired a professional painter to do the painting of the wine areas on the ceiling. The name of the wine areas is painted on glass. In-between there are LED strips to highlight the unique wine corners.

“So far we have two of the four filled in: South Africa and Napa Valley. And my wife has two built-in vacations because we haven’t gone to Tuscany or Bordeaux to fill in those. So it’s a work and progress and a terrific conversation piece.” – Rob.

The Disney Room

While Rob lives and breathes for technology, Johnnas’ heart beats for Disney. Over the past 7 years, they have traveled to several Disney conventions, which has led to a beautiful collection of unique Disney collectibles. This collection has since taken a life of its own as the themes and stories of the pieces continued to grow, and eventually led to the creation of their Disney Room, a special place where these pieces could be showcased.

In order to highlight each piece of the Disney theme, the room was specially designed with the size of each collectible in mind. What makes this room even more special is that each theme can be illuminated with endless facets of warm white and colored light.

Like Magic – The Disney Mode

With a tap in the Loxone App, Rob and Johnna activate “Disney Mode”, where different Disney songs begin to play and each Disney theme in the room is illuminated –  depending on which song is played.

Music on, Lights on. Depending on the specific song, the corresponding Disney theme will be lightened up. Just Magical.

Disney Room - Coats Residence
Disney Room - Coats Residence

Screen down, Movie on.

If Rob and Johnna want to sit down with their grandchildren to watch a movie, just one tap is enough: the screen goes down, the projector and tv stream turns on, the lights are dimmed, and if music would have played, it will turn off. That’s what Kurt, their Loxone Partner, has realized for them in their living room as well as in their outdoor living room. So there’s just the choice for the movie left… Maybe Snow White?


A Gentle Sleep

When planning their home, Rob and Johnna didn’t realize that intelligent heating and cooling control could be part of their smart home. Once Rob found Loxone, he loved the idea that the bedroom could be cooler for sleeping, while the bathroom next door would warm up in the morning right before he entered to get ready and dressed in the morning. To save energy, the cooling or heating stays off, when Rob and his wife aren’t at home, maximizing the energy efficiency of their smart home!


The Smart Home Integration

Our Loxone Partner Kurt Korfhage, from Integration Unlimited, made all the wishes of Rob and Johnna come true. “We’re really happy to have Kurt. We can always contact him if we have questions. And if we would like to have something changed, Kurt can do it remotely for us, without having to stop by. ” –Johnna.

Here’s the experience of Kurt regarding this special project:

“The homeowner Rob came across Loxone and had asked me to take a look the company. As I started digging through their website and learning about the company, the more and more I began liking what I saw. As, for Rob’s project, it was a unique and challenging project that turned out great. It’s definitely different from the other homes we did in the past, but I would say it’s the first project which is a real intelligent home. The way Loxone works is great and it’s easy to deploy and tunes to your lifestyle. It’s better than any other smart home products out there. No gimmicks. Real Smart Homes.


Want to see more? We have more!

Check out all pictures (Photograph: J.L. Jordan Photography) of this beautiful home and our video about the whole project:

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