How To Replace Your LiteTouch Lighting System

Florian Woess
10/13/2017 in Know How

Back in 2015, LiteTouch officially met its demise. Today, both support and replacement parts are no longer available. If you have a LiteTouch lighting system in your home, it may be a good idea to look for a replacement solution before the hardware completely fails, leaving you with a much larger problem. Furthermore, by today’s standards the system is not up to par with modern lighting control and Smart Home functionality, so you are more than in the market for an upgraded and more modern system.

Our Loxone Smart Home Partners are currently completing several projects across the US and Canada where LiteTouch systems are being replaced with our Loxone solution. The good news: Using Loxone as a replacement is easy and the existing wiring structure can be re-used!

In this blog, I want to share some information on the LiteTouch replacement process. But first of all, let’s go over some reasons why you should consider replacing your old Litetouch Savant / Nortek system.

Why Investing In New Lighting Controls Pays Off

Lighting control systems have changed a lot since LiteTouch was in business. The rise of LED lighting, color lights, and low voltage lighting has made lighting controls more sophisticated and energy efficient than ever. Furthermore, modern lighting controls offer you a number of additional possibilities your LiteTouch system cannot provide such as:

  • The ability to set up color lights and mood lights
  • Automating lights by utilizing presence, time, weather, etc.
  • Enhance security by using lights as part of presence simulation
  • Remote control of your lights with your Smartphone and tablet
  • Easier controls of your light setup with modern pushbuttons and displays

If you find yourself investing into your current LiteTouch setup by servicing it and using old spare parts, I strongly advise you to look into alternatives. If you want to sell your home at some point, a legacy system like LiteTouch, that can fail at any time, can become a serious deterrent to potential buyers.

Intelligent lighting control – at least with Loxone – has become much more affordable than what systems like LiteTouch used to cost.

Replacing LiteTouch Lighting with Loxone

The way Lite Touch is set up and wired fits well into the Loxone architecture. The existing wiring structure can be reused without the need of running additional wires. That’s why it’s easy to replace the system with Loxone. As our Dimmers can work with pretty much any illuminant, there is no need to switch out any bulbs or other parts either.

The main controller can be replaced with a Loxone Miniserver and the Tree Extension.

LiteTouch 5000 LC
Loxone Miniserver

In addition, the Loxone Touch switches are a great replacement for the LiteTouch Control station keypads, offering easier controls and adding additional functionality (temperature & humidity monitoring, night lights, etc) to your setup.

LiteTouch Control Station keypad
Loxone Touch Pure

Most importantly, Loxone is a cost effective way to replace a LiteTouch system. While a typical LiteTouch setup started around $ 30,000 and easily up to $ 100,000 we found that a comparable Loxone setup is only about a third of the price.

Add-Ons to your light control setup

Once Loxone has replaced your LiteTouch setup, you can add additional functionality to your home. Our wireless motion sensors allow you to automate lights in accordance with presence and brightness, and with RGBW Dimmers you can set beautiful color light accents in your home.

In addition, you can always add more Smart Home functionality and let your home take care of controlling Music, HVAC, Security and more for you.

Getting started

Feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to answer any questions on light controls with Loxone and connect you with a Loxone Partner to have a look at your setup. We can also connect with your local Integrator or Electrical Contractor for quoting a replacement of your LiteTouch system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to learn more about the technical details of replacing LiteTouch with Loxone? Read on in our regularly updated FAQ’s.

I have a LiteTouch Lighting system at home. Can I replace the parts myself?

Do not attempt to make any changes to your panel or wiring setup yourself! LiteTouch, as well as Loxone, use line voltage to control and dim lights and other appliances. Contact with line voltage can lead to serious injury. Please consult a Loxone Partner, electrical contractor, or a Technology Integrator.

We are happy to connect with your electrical contractor or Integrator of choice to get your project started.

What products are used to replace certain LiteTouch parts?

Here is a list of products our Partners and installers use to replace certain LiteTouch parts.

LiteTouch Loxone
Central Control Unit Loxone Miniserver

Loxone Tree Extension

Control Stations (keypads) Loxone Touch Tree
Loxone Touch pure Tree
Dimmer Module Loxone Dimmer Extension
Electronic Ballast (0-10V) Dimmer Module Loxone Extension
8 Channel Relay Module Loxone Extension
High Power Relay Module Loxone Relay Extension
Contact Data Input Modules Loxone Extension
Power Supply Module Loxone Power supplies
Enclosures Any DIN Rail enclosure (reusing LiteTouch enclose might be an option by mounting DIN rails).

Do the Loxone products fit into the LiteTouch panel?

In general, the Loxone modules are smaller than the LiteTouch modules. In order to mount them in the existing panels, you have to mount DIN rails and alter the layout of the panel.

LiteTouch panel converted to Loxone (before wiring)

LiteTouch panel converted to Loxone with 5 Loxone Dimmer Extensions (before wiring).

Alternatively, you can use any DIN rail panel to replace the LiteTouch panels, for example, the Future Automation DIN rail panels designed to fit Loxone products.

Can I use the Lighting Control Stations (keypads) with Loxone tree?

No. The LiteTouch Control Stations can only communicate with the LiteTouch Control units and need to be replaced. You can use the Loxone Touch Tree or the Loxone Touch pure Tree to replace them and re-use the wiring of the Control Station keypads.

I am a former LiteTouch Dealer/Integrator. Where can I buy your products?

We have a fast-growing network of Loxone Integrators using our products throughout North America. You can buy Loxone products directly from us.  Apply today to become a Loxone Dealer and use our Smart Home solution to grow your business >

More Questions on how to replace your LiteTouch system?

Feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to answer your questions, connect you to a Loxone partner and guide you through the process of replacing LiteTouch with Loxone.

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