Real energy efficiency for your building

The ROI Turbo thanks to Miniserver automation

Efficient and comprehensive energy management

Energy management is more than high-efficiency heating. More than the PV system on the roof. More than ventilation with heat recovery. True energy efficiency is only achieved when all of these components are automatically coordinated with one another. Only then will you get the highest pissible level of energy savings.

In order for all energy flows to be visualized and optimized, your building needs a central control unit: the Loxone Miniserver. It connects all energy components of a building and ensures that they work as efficiently as possible, both individually and in combination. The advantage: a lean system for all areas of building control.

Understand your energy needs
The first step is all about knowledge. We help you to measure and analyze the energy requirements of your building.
Verstehen Sie Ihre Energiebedürfnisse

Im ersten Schritt geht es vor allem um Wissen. Wir helfen Ihnen bei der Messung und Analyse des Energiebedarfs Ihres Gebäudes.

Reduce your base power consumption
The second step is to reduce your base power consumption – the energy that keeps your building running day after day.
Shift your energy consumption
Finally, let’s get strategic. We help you to shift your energy consumption to times when energy is cheaper or even free of charge.


Apartments & MDUs


Loxone products for energy ­management

You don’t need many components to achieve the most efficient energy management. You simply need the right ones. Thanks to interfaces for all important aspects in your building, you can ignite the ROI Turbo with these products:

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Loxone connects all components in the intelligent building. Numerous open interfaces make the system infinitely flexible. This enables a globally unique, holistic energy management and opens up countless energy saving potentials. Other providers say we have a working solution for every project and every requirement.

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