Five reasons for automatic heating in unpredictable weather

11/07/2019 in Know How
The season is here for all things unpredictable – cold spells followed by 60º of sunshine, savagery at department stores, you know how it goes. At least we can help you with controlling heating efficiently during unpredictable weather. Below, you can find five reasons to rely on automatic heating control of your home:

1 – It’s the easiest way to lower heating costs!

Let’s start with the real reason you came to this post – with hopes to save on heating costs. Well, it gets even better because automatic heating will lower your heating costs for you without you needing to lift a finger. Let’s face it, you’ll probably be too tapped into your Amazon holiday shopping to focus on manually controlling your heating.

With intelligent heating control, heating will be carried out at exactly the right time, only in rooms where it’s necessary. The Miniserver behind it all can continuously learn new behaviors and schedules and act upon in them in the most efficient way to save you money.


2 – Maintain a different temperature in each room

No more fighting over thermostat control. With Loxone, you don’t even need a thermostat because the heating system will be intelligently controlled by the Miniserver, keeping each room a different temperature and keeping each individual happy. The system will decide the most efficient way to maintain the temperature of each room.


Diagram of floor plan showing individual room temperatures

3 – Automatic heating & shading work intelligently together

Intelligent shading  und temperature control go hand in hand. The system will know how to efficiently adjust blinds on its own to avoid extra efforts to heat the room. For example on sunny days, it makes sense to let the sun’s rays in through the windows and the building will warm up naturally by a few degrees. In any season, the Miniserver will determine how the automatic shading and heating & cooling will intelligently work together.

Woman sitting comfortably inside with window backdrop of mountains

4 – Always a comfortable temperature

Even during cozier moments sitting by the fireplace, the system will know to lay off of its heating efforts without needing your command.

Once one of our sensors detects this heat increase, the heating system will immediately switch off temporarily. Then once the fire is out and temperature falls below your set comfort range, the heat will become activated again. Your heating will always be aware and adjust itself accordingly.

5 – Temperature can still be controlled remotely

No matter the reason, there are moments that come up that cause you to return home later than expected. Stuck in traffic, errands after work, barely surviving the Battle of Black Friday – whatever it may be. You can feel better that you’re not wasting money heating your home while you’re not there by making instant changes in the Loxone App.

– Special Tip –

Inside an office setting

Benefits in commercial spaces too

Room climate affects your well-being whether you’re at home or at work. This is why automatic heating is equally important for commercial spaces. Learn more about automated room climate 

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