Intelligent building automation system: residential
or commercial

Anything that Loxone can do for a home – improving comfort, safety, energy efficiency and more – can be done in any building. MDU, hotel, office, you name it. In any size project, it all starts with our flexible Miniserver. Multiple systems in a building finally become one all-around solution. See where the endless possibilities are taking Loxone:

Apartments & MDUs

Residential housing is an even more profitable investment with Loxone. Energy management helps lower costs while increasing the value and appeal of your units. Improve occupant comfort, simplify the installation process and protect the building from damage.


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Give guests an unmatched experience in a hotel, restaurant, bar – you name it. Loxone Smart Home technology helps it run more efficiently, save energy and more. This is especially helpful for building management of guest rooms, whether they’re occupied or vacant.


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Office & Business

Give employees a more comfortable working environment that boosts productivity with optimal lighting, temperature and air quality. There’s plenty of functional operating modes to take advantage of for efficient building operations.


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Custom Application

With the powerful combination of hardware and software, Loxone is suitable for automation tasks of all kinds. Save on operating costs for a wide range of tasks. From breweries to churches, Loxone can efficiently control all types of projects.

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Fully scalable and flexible

Depending on the size of the building, several Miniservers can be combined in a network. This enables higher capacity and the possibility of larger sized projects. Loxone has a wide range of open, freely configurable interfaces to connect each individual building’s automation system to the gateway Miniserver. This brings every product and function together within multiple areas or rooms with flawless communication and comprehensive configuration. Its flexible nature allows for easy maintenance and future expansion. With our gateway/client structure, updates can be made centrally.

Access control made simple with NFC Key Fob

Simply holding the Loxone NFC Key Fob up to the NFC Code Touch will give someone access if authorized. Compact and cost-effective, if one ever gets lost, there is no need to replace the entire lock. Each Key Fob can be just as easily deleted as it can be created from the Miniserver. In the Loxone App, Key Fobs can be instantly added and you can change permissions at any time.

Plenty of interfaces & extensions

Loxone has a wide range of open, freely configurable interfaces to connect each individual building’s automation system to the Miniserver. Interfaces include:

Extensive product range

Get all your smart home products from one source. Modern LED lighting to sound systems, finding the right control element, managing indoor air quality and beyond. Our specially developed products ensure flawless interaction between all hardware and software to achieve exceptional functionality and minimal energy consumption.

Access gets personalized

Manage access for all your users in your building controlled by Loxone. Access rights can be individualized with different options such as who is able to influence the building automation and who isn’t. Maybe only administrative users can make adjustments to the HVAC system. The possibilities are up to you.

Free software updates

Our powerful software can handle major projects of all kinds. We’re constantly working on updates to meet the latest standards – each update is free to download. Within the Loxone App, all authorized users can easily operate functions and monitor stats in within one, universal user interface.

Works with other solutions

With an open interface description, it’s possible to develop additional software solutions from third parties. For example, if you need a visualization of Loxone’s building automation that has been specially designed and adapted to your needs, this is possible via the open API.


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