Smart Air Conditioning: THE Solution for the Increasing Heat Waves?

Jasmin Kiss
07/21/2023 in Know How

Over 100°F during the day and not below 90°F at night – the current heat wave is pushing the whole country to its limits and offers us a first preview of the decades to come. To escape the heat, at least for a few hours at night, there is often only one option: air conditioning. Automation ensures that this does not come with major expenses.

Temperatures and Energy Costs on the Rise

In times of national heat waves becoming more and more frequent and longer, it is just as important to reduce the cost of cooling as it is to reduce heating costs. The consequences of climate change mean that even in traditionally cooler regions, air conditioning costs could soon be larger than heating costs. But it’s not just about energy costs. Simplified controls and maintaining a healthy temperature can greatly improve our lives – and go hand-in-hand with energy savings.

Heat Wave Characteristics in the United States by Decade, 1961–2021

Keep Cool Inside, While the Heat Stays Out

When the air conditioner is running while doors or windows are open, cooled air escapes and warm outside air enters. This results in the AC having to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, leading to increased energy consumption. Consequently, closing doors and windows while the air conditioner is operating ensures better air circulation and more efficient cooling, which provides a more comfortable indoor environment. This is already a significant problem in residential buildings and can become an energy disaster in commercial buildings, hotels, schools, etc., both in terms of financial expenses and environmental impact.

Automatic shading controlled easy via smartphone app.

The solution? Automation. Using Loxone Door and Window Contacts in conjunction with air conditioning control can effectively combat this problem. These sensors detect when doors or windows are open and can automatically turn off the air conditioning. You can also receive notifications via the Loxone App or your Loxone audio system to close the windows or doors again if necessary and continue actively cooling. Another important factor is shading. Loxone’s intelligent automatic shading already ensures that rooms heat up less. As a result, the air conditioning system, which is fully integrated into the building automation system, does not have to run as long to reach the desired temperature.

Save Energy Through Presence-Based Control

In the Loxone App, desired temperatures can be easily set to be reached at certain times of the day. This way, energy consumption can be optimized and the efficiency of your air conditioning can be maximized. When you are at home, the system maintains a comfortable temperature and during times of absence, it switches to eco mode. Thus, energy is saved and optimal comfort is ensured, but only when it is really necessary.

Loxone AC Control Air

Intelligent Control is the Future – and Present

With Loxone’s AC Control Air, manual control of air conditioning systems is a thing of the past. The AC Control Air integrates air conditioners from leading manufacturers easily, quickly and seamlessly into your Loxone home & building automation system. With pre-built logic and plug-and-play integration with air conditioners from all major manufacturers, energy-efficient and smart climate control is more accessible than ever.

Not Only Smart Air Conditioners Can Save Energy

Loxone connects all components in the smart building. Numerous open interfaces make Loxone infinitely flexible as an energy management system. This enables a globally unique, holistic energy management and opens up numerous energy saving potentials.

Our approach to intelligent energy management consists of three steps:

  1. Understand energy needs
  2. Reduce basic power consumption
  3. Shift energy consumption

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