NEW: Config & App 14.7

Jasmin Kiss
02/27/2024 in Technology

The continuous development and improvement of the Loxone Config & App is our top priority. With the release of the current version 14.7 and a further Audioserver update, you can expect numerous new and useful features that will make your Loxone installation even better once again.

Find out everything about the new Config & App 14.7 in the video

01 New: Status Monitor

With the new Status Monitor, you can easily and clearly monitor the status of devices, objects or rooms.

Practical example: Numerous TVs are used in the Loxone Campus. This new Function Block can be used to monitor their online status and thus their condition. In the Loxone App, you can see at a glance which TV is switched on or off.

02 Improved Health Check

The Health Check combines Miniserver, Tree, Link and Air diagnostics, and checks that the system is functioning correctly. This feature has now been further improved to detect cabling problems, in particular, more quickly. In addition, the Health Check has been integrated into the device status and can now be started directly from there.

03 Improved Meter Blocks

The Config offers various Meter Blocks and options for measuring energy flows. However, transmission errors could previously occur with different, manufacturer-independent meters. Conspicuous meter readings are now recognized by the new Config 14.7. This means that a reduction in meter readings is no longer “permitted” and unusually large increases are also identified. You can be informed about the incident via a system message.

04 New: Miniserver Shortcut

In many projects, several Miniservers are used to which certain devices or features have been assigned. The new “Miniserver Shortcut” Functin Block can be used to create a link between these Miniservers if required. This makes it even quicker to switch between the individual Miniservers via the app.

Practical example: Park lighting and restaurant lighting on the Loxone Campus were implemented via different Miniservers – although both areas are geographically close to each other. A shortcut was created at the appropriate point so that restaurant staff could quickly access the park lighting.

05 New: NFC Data Import

Giving different users access to different areas quickly and easily is one of the strengths of the access system with Loxone. But especially in large projects, the individual code assignment still takes some time. It is now possible to import a CSV file with different parameters such as name, validity period, etc.

06 Miniserver Keychain

With the new Miniserver Keychain, you can quickly select between all Miniservers that you have connected to in the past and whose access data is saved on the start screen of the Config. The name of the Miniserver is also displayed.

07 Audioserver Update & more

A new update is also available for the Loxone Audioserver, which, like the update for the Miniserver, contains a number of performance improvements.

As always, you can find an overview of all changes in the changelog. The public beta for Loxone Config 15.0 is also available for download as of today.

08 Exosphere: Loxone Project Management Remastered

With Exosphere, we have developed an innovative cloud application that changes the way you manage your Loxone projects. It is the central place to visualize and control all your Miniservers, enabling unprecedented efficiency in terms of management, monitoring and maintenance.

Get the chance to test this groundbreaking tool in a closed beta version before anyone else and sign up now! It’s first come, first serve.

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