New: Config & App 14.2

Jasmin Kiss
06/20/2023 in Technology

Every day, our developers work extremely hard to improve and expand the Loxone Config & App. To make sure that our Loxone partners and all users of the Config can benefit from the improvements even faster, we have increased the release cycle of the config updates. So, let’s talk about the new features of the Loxone Config 14.2 & App.

AC Control Air

After the product release and integration into the beta version, the AC Control Air has now found its way into the release version of the Loxone Config. With it, air conditioners from different manufacturers can be easily and simply integrated into home and building automation.

As an innovation for the beta version, the AC Control Air has been given new inputs that enable the integration of door and window contacts, and a pause timer has been integrated that can be started via the app. In this way, air conditioners can easily be put into sleep mode.

Intelligent Room Controller

An additional temperature can now be set via the intelligent room controller, on top of the the eco and comfort temperature. For example, if there is enough electricity surplus, or energy can be bought cheaply, and you want to let the heat pump run faster, the actual temperature can be replaced according to the switching time in order to heat up some more.

Gate Function Block & Bug Fixes

As a new feature, you can now set a ventilation position for the door in the Gate Function Block, for example to enable optimal air circulation and ventilation. In addition, of course, a number of issues and bug fixes have also been made in this release version of the Loxone Config. As always, you can find a detailed overview of all changes in the Changelog.


All innovations are of course also included in the new update of the Loxone App. Plus, the Spot Price Optimizer got a new visualization including statistics and the control of automations. When it comes to the user management, users can now be stored with a deactivation or deletion time. There is also something new in regards to the Wallbox: manual charging modes can be adopted by all users and advanced settings regarding charging modes can only be configured by administrators. Of course, the Loxone app has also been improved further with a number of bug fixes.

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