Smarter heating and cooling without a smart thermostat

03/16/2021 in Technology

Before we start with how to make heating & cooling smarter, we have to first ask ourselves; what exactly is smart heating & cooling? If you’re mostly familiar with Nest, Honeywell and the like, it starts with remote control and connectivity. Actually, they’re required. At Loxone, we’re changing the way users use smart thermostats by not using them at all – no gimmicks, just true automation. With automation technology and simplified software tools, any HVAC system can be controlled efficiently without necessary manual control by the end user.

Keep reading and register for our Smart HVAC Webinar to find out what Loxone is bringing to North America:

Less wall clutter, more functionality

Problem: A traditional thermostat only senses temperature from one central location and adjusts accordingly. A ‘smart’ thermostat does little more by offering (and requiring) direct app control and constant connectivity. This still leaves out important factors that go into a comfortably, reliably controlled environment. For example, presence detection, predictive behaviors, outdoor climate.

Solution: The Loxone system replaces the need for a thermostat with a Miniserver: the “brain” that stores predefined logic, cloud-free! Controlling software-driven relays, the Miniserver communicates between a complete ecosystem: Dampers, Touch switches (built-in temperature and humidity sensors in Tree variant), Presence Sensors and more from each individual room. 

The automated ecosystem knows how to take care of the whole home, heating it for you before you arrive and not wasting energy on rooms you aren’t using. No manual control is necessary, however, users can choose to control any room in the house instantly in the Loxone App. This smart functionality combines:


  • A comfortable, controlled environment whether you’re home or on-the-go
  • Ability to set up alarms and push notifications
  • Individual room control
  • Presence detection for efficient control of used/empty rooms
  • Software-based operation of devices
  • Remote troubleshooting 
  • Filter change reminder 
  • Instant control from the Loxone App 

Simple configuration of HVAC Controller

In our continuously updated Loxone Config, current logic and outputs work with any standard North American HVAC systems. This simple drag & drop Function Block ‘HVAC Controller’  allows the user to define multiple set points with room for fluctuation based on presence and other logic.

Watch how defined set points in Config can adjust throughout he day based on different factors in different rooms:

Touch switch with built-in temperature sensors

Touch switch with built-in sensors

The Touch switch is not a thermostat, but rather an optional control device for essential functions in the smart home or building (lighting, audio, etc.). Basically replacing a traditional light switch with added functionality. Our Tree variant includes built-in sensors for temperature and humidity that communicate back to the Miniserver.

Bonus tip: Loxone’s Touch is compatible in a wider range of environments than Nest.

Loxone Touch Tree
-4…158° F, max 95% RH non-condensing

34…104° F, up to 90% RH unpackaged

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