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03/05/2021 in For Partners
Within this past year, we’ve seen Loxone Partners break barriers getting into MDUs, high-end homes, or simply getting more bang for their buck with a feature-packed kitchen solution. The gateway into these opportunities starts with Loxone lighting fixtures and automation. This is quickly becoming the standard for our partners’ business growth and expansion into a variety of projects. We want to help push this growth even further by offering a bulk discount on our partners’ favorite fixtures – LED Spots, Strips, Pendulums and more.

With the combination of indirect, task and accent lighting offered by the Loxone lighting product range, you are given the tools to grow your business by offering exceptional functionality. This gives you the opportunity to significantly expand your project volume and gain additional revenue streams for your business.

Starting Monday, March 8, 2021, we are offering an additional 10% discount to Loxone Partners on qualifying bulk lighting purchases. This discount ends March 19, so start shopping now!

More Loxone lighting, more benefits

Increase revenue streams: High-quality lights with unmatched pricing offer more functionality and flexibility to get into more projects – with more revenue on each project!

Do it better than others: The flexible capabilities of directional warm white and diffused colored light easily gives you an advantage by offering human centric lighting and more.

Install a solution that simply works: For wired, new builds or wireless retrofits, you can take the simplest approach to achieve flawless operation. Color-coded Tree Cable also helps you avoid errors.

Maximum flexibility: Define completely flexible lighting groups at any time. Or address each light individually as needed.

Lighting promotion for Loxone Partners

The following LED lighting products will be offered at a bulk discount of additional 10% off your Loxone Partner price from March 8-19, 2021.

Pendulum Slim
order 5+

(Item no.: 100369 / 100370

Ceiling Light
order 5+

(Item no.: 100377 / 100378

LED Strips
order 10+

(Item no: 200043 / 200061 / 200098 / 200099 / 200100)

Touch Nightlight
order 10+

(Item no.: 100340 / 100476)

Ceiling Spots
order 10+

(Item no.: 100235 / 100236 / 100278 / 100279 / 100281)

LED Spots
order 36+

(Item no: 100203 / 100327 / 100330 / 100334)

Start growing your business with Loxone lighting!

For Loxone Partners:

Start stocking up for your upcoming projects. Springtime projects can get a boost with our complete lighting product range at an incredible value:

For interested installers:

Now’s the time to really take advantage of the opportunity to grow confidently with Loxone. Contact our team about getting started with our training course and lighting products:

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