Get more from your radiant floor heating this Fall

09/19/2016 in Technology
For many of us, September marks the start of Fall. Just as the leaves begin to tumble, so does the temperature outside. Once again, we turn to our heating systems to keep the chill at bay as the colder seasons approach. One option for heating a home is radiant floor heating.

Radiant floor heating systems gained popularity in the last couple of years, especially amongst homeowners looking to cut down on their energy bills. In addition, homeowners suffering from allergies often find radiant heating systems preferable as they don’t circulate allergens like some forced air systems do.

Not only that, but radiant floor heating systems can be integrated with home automation systems, such as Loxone, to offer intelligent, sophisticated climate control that can actually save you money. Take a look at the benefits you can enjoy by combining your radiant floor heating with Loxone:

Individual room control

By default, most radiant floor heating systems work on a one zone basis, utilizing heated water through integrated tubing. This means that all the rooms in the house are heated at the same time, even when they may not be being used. With Loxone, you can enjoy individual heating schedules for each room, efficiently saving energy and increasing your overall comfort within your home.

Here’s what we usually do in our homes:

  • Heat bathrooms only in the morning and in the evening, and lower the temperature during the day.
  • Save energy in the living room and kitchen on weekdays when we’re working and only heat it during the day on weekends and holidays.
  • Keep the bedrooms cool at all times to improve sleep quality.
  • and much more…

Loxone Smart Home Heating


Autopilot Heating with Self learning mechanisms

Your Loxone Smart Home learns how your room behaves. It knows exactly how long it will take to heat a room to your feel good temperature. So if you set the room to be at 72° from 6pm to 9pm, it knows when to start heating in order to precisely reach the set temperature by that time. It can also heat your home fully automatically depending on occupancy (detected by simple motion sensors). All with our built in Autopilot function.

Autopilot Heating with Self learning mechanisms

Remote access via the Loxone app

You can control your heating with the Loxone app at any time. Even if you’re away from home. Think of one of theses days where you’re stuck in the office longer than usual: you can remotely delay the start of the heating period for that day, or you can fire up heating when you’re heading back from vacation or visiting relatives. This means you never arrive home to a cold house in the winter, or a hot, stuffy house in the summer. You can check temperatures, change heating schedules, set a temperature timer and so much more. Go check it out and give our free Loxone app a try:

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Get rid of thermostats. With Loxone you usually set your heating schedule once for weekdays, weekends and for different occasions like vacation, public holiday and party. If you need to change it you can do so with the app at any time. There is no need for thermostats that clutter your walls.


Your Loxone system will notify you if something happens. If you leave a window open on a cold winter day and the room temperature drops to a certain level, you can get a push notification, an email or even an automated telephone call. That way you prevent damage to your home from adverse weather and avoid spending money on heating that room.

How to upgrade your radiant floor heating

Good news: All radiant floor heating systems can easily be upgraded with Loxone at low costs. All you need to do is to use the Loxone valve actuators in your heating distribution and to add temperature sensors to your rooms. Everything is connected to the centerpiece of the Smart Home – the Loxone Miniserver – which you can configure with our free Loxone Config Software.

Miniserver Go
The Miniserver is the centerpiece of the Loxone Smart Home. It enables you to control literally everything in your home: lights, security, shades, climate and much more. You can buy it on our webshop or have it installed by a Loxone Partner.

Valve Actuator
Additionally, you will need a temperature & humidity sensor and a Loxone Valve Actuator for each room.

Temperature Sensor
To monitor the room temperature and to make intelligent room control possible you will also need a Loxone Temperature Sensor for each room.

Using our wireless Loxone Air solution you pay as little as $165 per room. Wired options are available for even less.

loxone smart home valve actuators

Radiator control

Are you using radiators in your rooms and want to upgrade them with Loxone? No problem. You can use the same Loxone valve actuators and attach them directly to the radiators. They’re both available as wireless or wired products. Want to know the best part? The wireless Loxone valve actuator has a built-in temperature sensor so you don’t need additional sensors.

loxone smart home valve actuator bathroom

Get started with your Smart Home project

Thinking about upgrading your radiant floor heating with Loxone or want to make other areas of your home smart? More than 25,000 homes throughout the world use Loxone to control their heating system. Get in touch with our experts and they will give you all the information you need and help you to get your project started.

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