Tesla’s smart home HVAC system already exists

02/16/2021 in Technology
While there are rumors that Tesla will one day produce a super efficient HVAC system for the home, you can find a completely reliable, efficient and established solution that is already paving its way in the US. Loxone’s Miniserver is the brain behind the smart HVAC system that already exists with HVAC Dampers – enabling the most efficient, individual room control with true automation principles and predefined logic.

When it comes to believing how much energy is consumed and wasted by the traditional HVAC system, your personal experience is your greatest statistic*. As an owner and/or installer of these systems, you may already be looking for the future of energy efficient HVAC systems that provide individual room control. This means no thermostats, no matter how smart they claim to be.

Think of your typical HVAC system set-up – one or two units, a thermostat in the hall but uncomfortable temperature in the bedroom while energy in other areas gets wasted  – sound familiar? You’re spending money with the expectations of being comfortable without being comfortable. A smart HVAC system automated by Loxone knows when and how to adjust itself, so it’s possible to meet and exceed expectations without any extra effort or energy costs for the resident.

*This statistic is also pretty impressive: In our fully automated Loxone Showhome, data from our utilities provider shows that we used 40% less energy than our neighbors with a traditional home/HVAC system.

Loxone explained: smart HVAC controls

In our video below, our automation expert Andy explains how Loxone’s HVAC Damper and components interact:

Reliable system with true automation

So how does Loxone deliver a super efficient HVAC system with individual room control?

Breaking it down simple, our approach with the HVAC Damper focuses on:

Individual rooms labeled with varying temperature levels.

Individual room control

This approach starts with our HVAC Dampers, a Loxone Tree device that cuts into the duct work of the home. Its internal flappers regulate the air flow throughout the home which allows for precise control of temperature in each room. Predefined temperatures are matched throughout the space, which fluctuates based on presence, time of day or other predefined logic. This is the most efficient way to maintain comfort levels in each room while also saving money.

Keep reading for more information in our explanatory video.

Presence Sensor

Presence detection

 When it comes to building automation, knowing if someone is in the building affects the HVAC, lighting, security, energy management and more. With simply installation, Loxone’s Presence Sensor Tree (or Flush-mounted option) detects motion, sound and brightness levels. This forms the basis for intelligent automation throughout the space. So no matter if someone is entering a room, sitting watching TV, or if a door is blocking the detection angle, presence is still reliably detected and communicated to the Miniserver to control all system components accordingly. 


Presence prediction

The brain of the smart home, the Miniserver, is where all predefined logic is stored to use as a basis of automated tasks along with presence detection. This is how the system learns behaviors such as the time you are arriving home from work, what time you take a shower and much more to determine how and when temperature should be adjusted automatically.

Configuration in our powerful software, Loxone Config, is simple with drag & drop Function Blocks. It’s easy to set specifications and make quick adjustments as needed. 

Forward-thinking solution that’s here to last

Loxone’s smart HVAC control plays a role as part of a complete ecosystem that interacts seamlessly from room-to-room. We’re looking at the whole home as a cohesive experience. So we’re not just taking technology from a car and applying it to a home. We’re starting from the outside looking in. You can take each factor (individual room control, presence detection, predictive presence) and apply it to other systems in the home for lighting, shading, total energy management and more.

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