Smart Brewery: How to brew beer with Loxone

Krista Aumüller
08/18/2017 in Case Studies

Americans spend three times more money on beer than on water. In 2015 nearly 207 million barrels of beer were shipped across the United States. Are you a beer aficionado? Have you ever asked yourself how a beer is brewed? Well, we have, and we’re happy to show you a smart brewery – controlled by a Loxone Miniserver. By the way, this brewery is also the place where our ‘Loxone Smart Home Beer’ is brewed, of course.

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Brewery controlled by Loxone

The owner of this brewery, which is one of the oldest breweries the world (est. 1449), contacted Loxone because he wanted to simplify his brewing process, all the while brewing the best beer possible. So we hooked him up with the Loxone treatment, going above and beyond to simplify and automate their brewing process. Here are a few of our favorite features:

Temperature Monitoring

In order to brew great beer, the temperature is an important and basic factor. To simplify the temperature monitoring process, the brewery had asked us to help out by implementing an intelligent temperature control. In the silos, for example, the barley needs to be cooled down softly in the winter to 50° Fahrenheit. In the cellar, the beer mellows in tanks at a constant temperature of 36.5°. If there should be any sudden temperature changes, the brewery master will be informed immediately.


Heat Recovery

During the brewing process, you have lots of steam. Now instead of letting this heat escape to the rafters, we deiced to utilize this energy. What was once steam flowing to the sky, is now captured and turned into 194° hot water which is used to control temperature throughout the brewery, if and when needed. This way, they can heat up a room for guests, keep their delivery platform free of ice, or use this energy to brew more beer – without using any additional heating resources.

Silo Control

The brewery ‘Hofstetten’ produces all of their own ingredients which are stored in huge silos. In the good old days, these ingredients were shoveled manually, but today they use a conveyor – automatically controlled by the Loxone Miniserver. As soon as the conveyer belt is full, it automatically stops, and thanks to predefined follow-up times no barley will stay on the conveyor for longer than it needs to be.

Security Features

The whole brewery is monitored by smart smoke detectors – even the room with the silo tanks where the dusty barley is stored. In the case of a fire, the brewery owner and his employees would be notified immediately, where they will now have the choice to activate their sprinkler system and/or call the fire department, saving their business from potential devastating damages.

Smart Brewery with Loxone

These features were just some our favorites, but there are a lot more! Do you feel like drinking smart home beer? Why don’t give us a call to talk about your smart home project?

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