Water leak detection: Sensors That Alert You To Water Leaks

03/02/2017 in Know How
We found that homeowners underestimate the destructiveness and prevalence of water damages. In fact, water damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the US. 37% of homeowners in the US have suffered from water damage, and the average cost has been as high as $6,965. Needless to say, water leak detection sensors can go a long way in preventing damage to your home.

Anyone who has suffered from water damage knows how important early detection is. The more water has been spilled and the longer it is unrecognized, the bigger are the damages and costs. Using Loxone will help you to prevent water damages from your precious home.

Placement of water leak detection sensor

We recommend to place water leak detection sensors at the following locations:

  • In the laundry room under the washer
  • In the kitchen under the dishwasher
  • In the boiler room or under the HVAC units
  • In the basement
  • At the spot where the main water line enters the house
Placement of water leak detection sensor

Choosing the right water leak detector

There are a lot of solutions out there for water leak detection. However, only a few cover all the essential characteristics to provide reliable detection. To me, a water leak detector has to cover the following requirements:

It has to detect water immediately. Therefore the measuring contact has to be right on the surface.

It has to notify me, even if I’m not at home. Most of the water leakages stay unrecognized until severe damage has happened. Imagine you’re on holiday or imagine a water leak occurs in the basement. It could take days until it is recognized, even if you have one of those water leak detectors with a built-in beeper. Choose a water leak detector that is able to push messages to your Smartphone, so you are instantly notified wherever you are.

It has to monitor itself. This is the one characteristic, where most water leak detectors fail. Wireless water leak detectors require batteries and a wireless signal. You have to be notified if the battery is low or if the signal (eg. to your wifi) drops. Standalone water leak detectors are not able to send a notification when the signal fails, and that could easily be unrecognized for weeks and even months.

The Loxone water sensors (wireless, wired) in combination with the Loxone Miniserver fulfill those requirements. It protects your home from water leak damages. And as it is connected to the Miniserver, you will also get a notification if the battery is low or the wireless signal to the water sensor drops. This way we can give you both the peace of mind and the reliability you need to have your home protected.

Loxone Water Sensor for Leak Detection

Learn more about Loxone

At Loxone, we offer a whole home automation solution that fits perfectly to every newly built home. It comes with a number of features to protect your home from damages. Besides water leak detection, it will protect you from humidity damages, fire damages, burglary and other things.
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