Spotlight: smart home cuts energy bill in half with Loxone

09/13/2022 in Case Studies
As the energy crisis is worsening in Europe, the U.S. is also hit by its waves: prices for gas, oil and electricity have been on a steady rise in the States, and keep on reacting to any news from abroad. On top of that, no one knows how much the burden on end consumers will increase. However, Loxone can help you to save energy and money – let us show you how.

58% less energy and 90% self-sufficiency

In Germany, where you can find our CPO Andreas Hetzendorfer’s smart home, the average gas consumption lays currently at 140kWh per square meter (German source: With a complete Loxone system, the energy consumption for heating could be reduced by 58%.

After integrating a PV system including power storage into their Loxone system, and with the Loxone Miniserver as an energy manager, Hetzendorfer also achieves a degree of self-sufficiency of 90%, although the advance calculation by the installer predicted a self-sufficiency of only 72%.

But how does the perfect interaction between Miniserver, PV system, power storage and household energy consumers work, and how can you maximize energy savings in your building? Discover all of our know-how, tips and tricks in our new video!

The Loxone Energy-Hub

Exciting videos, interesting data & facts, helpful tips & tricks and much more. Our brand new energy hub features lots of information about the energy crisis, and how home and building automation can save you a lot of trouble, energy, and money.

Get ready for colder days!

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