Tunable white lighting effects on circadian rhythm

10/04/2021 in Know How

A lighting trend with benefits

With the rising trend of tunable white lighting, its benefit goes beyond the superficial–it affects our bodies in a natural way. It all starts with the sun. Since the beginning of human existence in nature, our bodies have been in rhythm with the natural sunlight. But in the modern world, we’re becoming more offbeat. As the position of the sun changes, it tunes our circadian rhythms to better perform specific tasks. For example, the best time to focus on work should be at 10 a.m. when the body is primed to stay alert. Extensive studies show the significant relationship between light intensity and alertness. Humans are responsive and sensitive to light. Overall, this circadian rhythm directly affects the song and dance of our hormone levels, melatonin secretions, concentration and bodily functions.

Coordinating tasks with circadian rhythm

Circadian rhythm diagram

[Image from specifier.com]

Using tunable white lighting indoors

As we spend more time indoors, we are offsetting our circadian rhythm. But with the effect of tunable white lighting, there’s still a chance to get back our bodies back in tune with natural circadian rhythm. Whether we’re at home or at work, the effect can mimic how we should experience natural sunlight in a given day. The lighting system is intelligent enough to monitor the readily available natural lighting in the room and adjust to a level that will be best for you. This even saves you energy costs!

Home: Waking up with a full morning sunlight effect in your bedroom awakens your mind and body. In the evening, lighting that adjusts to sunset will help your body wind down and prepare for sleep by stimulating melatonin production.

Office: Midday, cool lighting (3500k) will support focus and energy while working. For speaking or presenting to a group, neutral white lighting (4200k) is preferred.

Lighting products that support circadian rhythm

All of our RGBW lighting products (LED Spots, Pendulum Slim, Ceiling Lights) are both white and full color tunable with a smooth, gentle dimming curve. By mixing color with white light, you get a tunable white light effect with a wider range of options. If you’re looking to improve a home or work environment, we provide the technology you need to reestablish natural circadian rhythm in the modern world.

LED Spot Tree

Hallway lit with LED Spots

The LED Spots offer directional and tunable white light with free form topology. An easy choice to illuminate any room.

LED Pendulum Slim

Glowing lounge area with LED Pendulum Slims

With their sophisticated design, the Pendulum Slim lights are a great way to display a special piece of a room like a dining table or sitting area.

Ceiling Light

Bright lounge area with Loxone Ceiling light

A must-have in every room. Built-in motion and brightness sensors make the Ceiling Light the ideal choice for all-around smart home functionality.

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